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K-State Research and Extension

Program helps seniors retain independence

Children and teenagers are often in a hurry to grow up. Young adults can’t wait to start their careers and families. And when their children grow up, many look forward to becoming grandparents. But at some point past middle age, the enthusiasm for tomorrow wanes, and people begin to view aging negatively.

Our Keys to Embracing Aging program promotes lifelong independence and helps adults embrace their age. Based on lifestyle habits of centenarians, the program highlights 12 activities to help Kansans live longer, healthier lives and prevent early admission to long-term care facilities. Helping citizens remain in their homes longer saves families and the state millions of dollars in health-care costs. 

The program brings individuals and family members together and reinforces the necessary “keys” to increase longevity and overall well-being. Tools and tips are delivered in a fun, interactive format. Participants can immediately implement enjoyable activities into their daily lives. 

During the last year, Keys to Embracing Aging has reached more than 4,000 individuals across three states. Program evaluations show 96 percent of participants intend to immediately make behavioral changes to improve their overall health, promote independence and increase longevity. 

Keys to Embracing Aging is a true example of what K-State Research and Extension offers to Kansas communities: programs founded on research that address real community needs and provide workable solutions for Kansans. It helps elevate the health and well-being of our neighbors and positively affects our economy.