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Agent Associations

Kansas Extension Agent Association

What is KEAA>black logo?

 KEAA is the umbrella organization that brings all groups together to speak with one unified voice on matters that relate to policy, benefits, and other items of concern to county/district employees. And best of all, when you join your subject matter association, you are automatically a member of KEAA!!!

 Our members represent the energy, passion, and unique perspectives that enrich our organization. We are all a part of the K-State Research and Extension system which is dedicated to working to improve the lives of all Kansans. By working with professionals with a variety of subject matter expertise who live and work in all kinds of communities throughout the state, we reflect the wide range of needs in our system. That interaction is strengthened by the individual subject matter professional development associations offered to you. KEAA is dedicated to continue to support on going professional development and communication at all levels within our system.

 As a group, KEAA meets once a year, usually at Annual Conference. The board will meet 3-6 times a year or as needed to address concerns and issues relevant to county/district needs.