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Ag Environmental Health and Safety

Standards of Practice, Forms and Checklists

The following guidance documents are in Adobe pdf format. Please note that these documents are controlled, and printed documents are UNCONTROLLED.  Prior to relying on a printed form, verify that it is current.

Standards of Practice

 1.  Plan, Do, Check & Act Management System Tools

 2.  Design for Environment

 3.  Health & Safety

 4.  Environmental Protection

5.  Assessments

6.  Emergency Preparedness

Forms (2003) 

Checklists (2003)

Standards of Practice

Standards of Practice are written to encompass good EH&S management practices against a regulatory backdrop and internal KSU policies.
Consequences of deviation language was added to each guidance document to highlight the risk for not addressing the tasks detailed in the Standards of Practice.
One Drive is the repository for the guidance documents, compliance plans, and the hazard assessments.  Access is through K-State Web Mail.