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Ag Environmental Health and Safety



Sandra Hoffman, BS, CHSP, CSHO, OSHA Trainer
Director, OH&S


Sandra spearheaded the implementation of proactive health and safety management programs in private industry and during her tenure at KSU's Division of Facilities. Her program deliverables resulted in significant reductions in debilitating injuries, illnesses, and associated costs.  In 2013, she received the KSU President’s Award for Excellence.  Sandra brings that same level of commitment to health and safety excellence in her roll as Director, Occupational Health and Safety.

John H. Gamble, DrPH, PE, CIH (1976-2018), CSP
Director, EH&S

Dr. Stark and I are discussing his BSL-2 protocols in KSU's one-of-a-kind, four-story bio-containment facility.

Dept. EH&S Coordinators

  • Tyler Gardner
Animal Sciences
  • Ron Pope, Ph.D.
  • Tom Phillips, Ph.D.
Grain Sciences
  • Dustin Busick
  • C. B. Rajashekar, Ph.D. - Manhattan
  • Cary Rivard, Ph.D. - Olathe
  • Jason Griffin, Ph.D. - Haysville
Plant Pathology
  • Bruce Ramundo
Southeast Research Center
  • Lyle Lomas, Ph.D.
University Printing
  • Deb McClain-Williams
Western Kansas Research Sites @ Hays, Colby, Garden City and Tribune
  • Joe Becker