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Ag Environmental Health and Safety




Joseph C Becker Grounds/Safety Coordinator 
Agricultural Research Ctr Hays

 Joseph C Becker

"Safety means every employee will return home to their loved ones when the work day is completed. All employees are trained, equipped and prepared to do job tasks with safety as routine.  Incorporation of proper safety practices into work procedures will eventually be passed to the next generation.  Remember the old days when we didn’t use seatbelts?  Now it feels wrong if they are not on."


Thomas W Phillips, Professor 
Department of Entomology


Thomas W Phillips 

“Safety requires we have all the information about the risks to me and others in the workplace, that we prepare daily for these risks, that we know how to minimize risks,  and to acquire the knowledge take action if something bad happens.”



Dustin D Busick
Procurement Officer I, 
Grain Science & Industry

Dustin update


 “Safety is a basic but strong need for everyone.  Therefore, providing a safe place of work demonstrates a high level of value and care.”



Sandra A Hoffman Occup. Health & Safety Dir                                                    
Agricultural Experiment Statn

Sandy Website                                                                                   
Kyle B Griffith Training Support Specialist
 Kyle Griffith
 “The future of the safety movement is not so much dependent upon the invention of
safety devices as on the improvement of methods of educating people to the ideal of caution and safety."
– Walter Dill Scott, President, Northwestern University (1921)

Dept. EH&S Coordinators

  • Tyler Gardner
Animal Sciences
  • Ron Pope, Ph.D.
  • Vacant 
Grain Sciences
  • Dustin Busick
  • C. B. Rajashekar, Ph.D. - Manhattan
  • Cary Rivard, Ph.D. - Olathe
  • Jason Griffin, Ph.D. - Haysville
Plant Pathology
  • Bruce Ramundo
Southeast Research Center
  • Lyle Lomas, Ph.D.
University Printing
  • Deb McClain-Williams
Western Kansas Research Sites @ Hays, Colby, Garden City and Tribune
  • Joe Becker