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Board Leadership

Extension Board Leadership

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K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Board Excellence Newsletter - Winter 2015

Information for Local K-State Research and Extension Board Members
Volume V, Issue 1 — Winter 2015

From the Associate Director
Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing extension board and program development committee members
at the upcoming Partnership Meetings. These annual meetings provide a forum to discuss continuous
improvement and increased public value across the extension system.

In the environment of ever-tightening budgets we must address our state’s five grand challenges
related to global food systems, water, health, developing tomorrow’s leaders, and community vitality.
Meet with us to help set the direction and focus.

Partnership Meetings will be:

• January 20 in Lawrence,
• January 21 in Wichita,
• January 28 in Scott City, and
• January 29 in Russell.


Each meeting will begin with coffee at 9 a.m. and opening comments at 9:30 a.m. Adjournment will
be at approximately 3:30 p.m.


Online registration is due January 12. For details and to register, visit the Employee Resources website at www.ksre.ksu.edu/employee_resources and click on Registrations.

New Board Member Orientation Available
The Board Leadership website provides information for board members to become acquainted with
their roles and with K-State Research and Extension. The website includes a New Board Member Orientation module designed to be presented to new board members by the local unit director, other agents, and current board members.

January is a great month for county board orientation. Districts can plan ahead for later in the year. Depending on the number of new members, it might be beneficial to include some continuing members to form a group large enough to interact productively. Allow about 90 minutes, and consider scheduling a separate meeting for orientation.

To find the orientation, please visit the Board Leadership Modules.


Post Rock Extension District was recently recognized as the Outstanding Local Extension Unit at the 2014
K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference. It was the first year for the award, which is designed
to recognize excellence in educational programming, personnel, and budget management. In addition
to a recognition plaque, the district received $1,000 for program expansion.

Post Rock was the state’s first district, organized in July 1994. It began with two counties and has since
expanded to five, with offices in Lincoln, Osborne, Mankato, Beloit, and Smith Center. The district personnel roster includes seven agents, five program assistants, and five office professionals.

The district has moved from a small staff of agents with generalized responsibilities to a district where
specialized agents provide in-depth programming.


The Post Rock board has been vital to the district’s success. With 20 members spread over a wide geographic area, the board uses subcommittees to complete tasks such as hiring, officer nominations, budget, or purchasing. The board has invested in a budget that provides for excellence in staffing and programming. Board members include those with years of leadership experience as well as newcomers.

Congratulations to the Post Rock Extension District!


Programming Brings Recognition to Extension Faculty Members
Recognition of outstanding programming is one objective of the annual K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference. Some of the individuals recognized recently include:

• Nozella Brown, Wyandotte County – Outstanding Local Unit Professional Award
• Diane Mack, Northeast Area – Outstanding Area or State Professional Award
• Bertha Mendoza, Southwest Area – Builder Award
• Donna Krug, Barton County – Diversity Award
• R. Scott Barrows, Golden Prairie District – Mentor Award
• Berny Unruh, Barton County – Mentor Award
• Christina Strauss, Geary County – Local Unit Office Professional of the Year


See a complete list at: www.ksre.ksu.edu/employee_resources/p.aspx?tabid=314


Practice The Art of Great Meetings
Good meetings don’t just happen: They require planning, preparation, and skills that group leaders and members can learn.

Some key points for effective meetings include:

• Select a convenient meeting time and location. Make certain the location is accessible to people     with special needs.
• Be realistic about meeting length. End meetings before fatigue sets in. Create an agenda and use it.
• Inform participants in advance about the purpose,agenda, and objectives so they can be prepared.
• Open the meeting with a welcome, overview of the agenda, and gratitude for each individual’s attendance. Ask members to introduce themselves
if they do not know one another.
• Keep the meeting agenda on schedule. Build in stretch breaks as needed.
• Summarize at the end of the meeting. State agreed-upon conclusions, recommendations,
and actions. Assign responsibility and due dates.
• Close on an encouraging note.
• Concisely document the meeting with notes
and distribute them before the next meeting.

From The Art of Great Meetings, The University of Maine Cooperative Extension



In 2014, K-State Research and Extension’s Walk Kansas program reached 16,200 participants. Evaluation surveys revealed the following outcomes as a result of participating in the eight-week program:

• 85 percent were more physically active;
• 79 percent were confident they would continue the amount of activity during the next six months;
• 94 percent understood the need to break prolonged periods of sitting throughout the day;
• 81 percent were more aware of healthful eating recommendations, and 84 percent increased fruit and vegetable consumption; and
• 91 percent were confident they would continue their improved dietary habits during the next six months.

Quotes from participants include the following:

“With the change in my diet and by increasing physical activity, in six months I was able to lower my cholesterol level 40 points without medication. Thank you, Walk Kansas.”


“I found that exercise truly fights off depression.”


Volume V, Issue 1 – Winter 2015


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K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.