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K-State Research and Extension

First Impressions

Ever wonder what people visiting your town think?  First impressions are important as the community works to improve the overall quality of life and develop its sense of place.  Interested in First Impressions for your community?  View the resources below:


First Impressions Community Reports and Presentations:

AlmenaAlmena Compiled ReportAlmena Presentation
AltamontAltamont Compiled ReportAltamont Presentation
ArlingtonArlington Compiled ReportArlington Presentation
AtwoodAtwood Compiled ReportAtwood Presentation
Baldwin CityBaldwin City Compiled ReportBaldwin City Presentation
BellevilleBelleville Compiled ReportBelleville Presentation
BeloitBeloit Compiled ReportBeloit Presentation
Bird CityBird City Compiled ReportBird City Presentation
Blue RapidsBlue Rapids Compiled ReportBlue Rapids Presentation
BuhlerBuhler Compiled ReportBuhler Presentation
CimmaronCimarron Compiled ReportCimarron Presentation
Clay CenterClay Center Compiled ReportClay Center Presentation
Clifton & ViningClifton & Vining Compiled ReportClifton & Vining Presentation
ColbyColby Compiled ReportColby Presentation
Council GroveCouncil Grove Compiled ReportCouncil Grove Presentation
CourtlandCourtland Compiled ReportCourtland Presentation
DownsDowns Compiled ReportDowns Presentation
EllinwoodEllinwood Compiled ReportEllinwood Presentation
EllisEllis Compiled ReportEllis Presentation
EllsworthEllsworth Compiled ReportEllsworth Presentation
FlorenceFlorence Compiled ReportFlorence Presentation
FormosoFormoso Compiled ReportFormoso Presentation
GoddardGoddard Compiled ReportGoddard Presentation
GrinnellGrinnell Compiled ReportGrinnell Presentation
Hill CityHill City Compiled ReportHill City Presentation
HillsboroHillsboro Compiled ReportHillsboro Presentation
HoxieHoxie Compiled ReportHoxie Presentation
IolaIola Compiled ReportIola Presentation
JewellJewell Compiled ReportJewell Presentation
LaCygneLaCygne Compiled ReportLaCygne Presentation
LebanonLebanon Compiled ReportLebanon Presentation
LenoraLenora Compiled ReportLenora Presentation
LincolnLincoln Compiled ReportLincoln Presentation
LindsborgLindsborg Compiled ReportLindsborg Presentation
Little RiverLittle River Compiled ReportLittle River Presentation
LoganLogan Compiled ReportLogan Presentation
Long IslandLong Island Compiled ReportLong Island Presentation
LouisburgLouisburg Compiled ReportLouisburg Presentation
LucasLucas Compiled ReportLucas Presentation
MacksvilleMacksville Compiled ReportMacksville Presentation
MankatoMankato Compiled ReportMankato Presentation
MarquetteMarquette Compiled ReportMarquette Presentation
MarysvilleMarysville Compiled ReportMarysville Presentation
MiltonvaleMiltonvale Compiled ReportMiltonvale Presentation
MinneapolisMinneapolis Compiled ReportMinneapolis Presentation
MorlandMorland Compiled ReportMorland Presentation
NatomaNatoma Compiled ReportNatoma Presentation
NortonNorton Compiled ReportNorton Presentation
OakleyOakley Compiled ReportOakley Presentation
OberlinOberlin Compiled ReportOberlin Presentation
OlsburgOlsburg Compiled ReportOlsburg Presentation
OnagaOnaga Compiled ReportOnaga Presentation
OsborneOsborne Compiled ReportOsborne Presentation
PaolaPaola Compiled ReportPaola Presentation
PhillipsburgPhillipsburg Compiled ReportPhillipsburg Presentation
PlainvillePlainville Compiled ReportPlainville Presentation
QuinterQuinter Compiled ReportQuinter Presentation
RileyRiley Compiled ReportRiley Presentation
RobinsonRobinson Compiled ReportRobinson Presentation
SenecaSeneca Compiled ReportSeneca Presentation
Smith CenterSmith Center Compiled ReportSmith Center Presentation
SolomonSolomon Compiled ReportSolomon Presentation
St. FrancisSt. Francis Compiled ReportSt. Francis Presentation
St. MarysSt. Marys Compiled ReportSt. Marys Presentation
StocktonStockton Compiled ReportStockton Presentation
Sylvan GroveSylvan Grove Compiled ReportSylvan Grove Presentation
SyracuseSyracuse Compiled ReportSyracuse Presentation
Valley FallsValley Falls Compiled ReportValley Falls Presentation
WakeeneyWakeeney Compiled ReportWakeeney Presentation
WatervilleWaterville Compiled ReportWaterville Presentation
White CityWhite City Compiled ReportWhite City Presentation
WilsonWilson Compiled ReportWilson Presentation