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KSRE Employee Resources


Chapter 2 Section A2

A2.      Expenditures Not Approved (from Appropriated Funds)

  1. Purchase of buildings for County Extension Council.
  2. Purchase or rental of land for County Extension Council.
  3. College credit or non-credit course teaching which is not a part of the regularly approved Extension program.
  4. Tuition and other enrollment fees for credit course work or classes including correspondence courses.
  5. Transportation excise taxes when exempt (use exemption certificates) (Exhibit K).
  6. Moving expenses of Extension employees (in accordance with state statute).
  7. Honorariums, judging fees, etc., for Extension Agents in excess of mileage and subsistence (meals and lodging).
  8. Exhibits promoting non-Extension work.
  9. Travel expenses for commercial purposes which benefit individuals or firms such as purchase of livestock, seeds, etc.
  10. Honorariums, travel and subsistence (meals and lodging) expenses for individuals or groups giving talks, demonstrations, musical programs, etc., primarily for  entertainment purposes.
  11. Grain and seed certification work.
  12. Membership fees in organizations, except for those that will help advance educational programs (i.e. Chamber of Commerce Ag Committee, Community Resource Councils, etc.)
  13. Purchase of gifts, prizes, ribbons, medals, badges of merit, pennants or other insignia used by participants in connection with Extension demonstration.
  14. Purchase of seed, fertilizer or other materials for distribution to producers or others unless clearly shown as part of an Extension program.
  15. Travel, subsistence (meals and lodging), tuition or other expenses of members of 4-H clubs, farm organizations or other organizations or individuals in attending camps or courses of instruction in schools or colleges, or for making observation tours or purchasing livestock or other materials.
  16. Wages of 4-H club camp help, such as dormitory and kitchen workers, guides or monitors.
  17. Salary advances to part-time Extension workers who are to be paid later by another agency.
  18. 4-H Club premiums or any other premiums or prizes, whether at 4-H fairs or any other fairs.