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C2. Construction of Buildings by County Agricultural Extension Councils (1953)

TO:    Mr. Colonel H. Boone
         County Attorney
         Leavenworth, Kansas

We have your letter of December 4th referring to Chapter 8, Laws of 1951, and asking whether or not the provisions of this act would authorize the county agricultural extension council to build a building.

It is the view of this office that the act does not provide such authority. Section 1 provides that the extension council shall have for its purpose “the giving of instruction in agriculture, home economics, and 4-H club work to the people of said county through practical demonstrations and otherwise.” Section 9 of the act states specifically that the extension council “shall have for its sole purpose the giving of instruction and practical demonstrations in agriculture, home economics and 4-H club work to all persons in the county and the imparting to such persons of information on said subjects through field demonstrations, publications, and otherwise.”

The purpose as thus provided for would not make it necessary to imply that the act made the construction of a building necessary for the purpose of carrying out the provisions thereof. Undoubtedly, it was the legislative intent that these councils would be able to hold their meetings at the courthouse or other public building. Since the act does require certain meetings to be held, in the event that it might be impossible to hold such meetings in the courthouse or other public building, the councils would be authorize to rent a suitable place. However, this authority to rent would not include the authority to build a building.

    /S/ Harold R. Fatzer, Attorney General