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Click on the links below to watch recorded sessions

Opening Session by John Ruberson, April Mason, John Floros, Gregg Hadley and Ernie Minton 
and Farm Stress by Mykel Tayor, Charlotte Shoup Olsen and Elizabeth Kiss 

Conflicts Over the Environment: Making it Local for the Sake of the Global by Colene Lind
Environmental and natural resource conflicts are part and parcel of public life. This workshop assumes that such disagreements are best addressed locally. We will review three case studies: on wind, water, and development. Each offers lessons on how to strengthen community values and economic and environmental sustainability while addressing disagreement.

Extension’s Role in Emergency and Crisis Response by Gregg Hadley, Jason Ellis, and a panel of agents
K-State Research and Extension professionals and volunteers often help in times of emergencies and crises. Their emergency and crisis response roles can be as varied and numerous as the potential emergencies and crises they face. This session enables extension professionals to examine, discuss, and better understand their potential roles in emergencies and crises

Prickly Quills and Everyday Nirvana by Terri McCants
Conflict is all around us. This presentation will look at research into physiological development, the stimuli that trigger us, types of conflict resolution, and high conflict personalities. Attendees will also learn how to monitor responses during difficult situations. This is must have information for an extension professional!

Kings and Kingmakers by Barry Flinchbaugh 


If you have conference questions, contact Debbie Hagenmaier, Conference Coordinator, K-State Global Campus, debbieh@k-state.edu,