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 Annual Conference: October 16–18, 2018

annual conference

Links to recorded sessions:

Seeing Opportunities in a Challenging World, Oct. 17
General Session: Dan Devlin, Gregg Hadley, Marty Draper, Ernie Minton and Pres. Richard Myers 

Thriving During Disruption: Extension Professionalism to the Rescue, Oct. 17
Nancy Franz, Professor Emeritus, Iowa State University 

Research Session, Industrial Hemp Research in Kansas, Oct. 17
Part 1: Understanding the Basics of Conducting Industrial Hemp Research in Kansas
Ernie Minton, Interim Dean and Interim Director, and Jeff Vogel, Kansas Department of Agriculture

Part 2: The Role of K-State in Conducting Industrial Hemp Research and Extension
Lucas Haag, Northwest Area Agronomist; David William, University of Kentucky; Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University

Part 3: Understanding the Market and Economic Impact of Industrial Hemp
Jeff Vogel, Kansas Department of Agriculture

Understanding Changing Demographics in Kansas, Oct. 18
Matthew Sanderson, K-State Associate Professor of Sociology


If you have conference questions, contact Debbie Hagenmaier, Conference Coordinator, K-State Global Campus, debbieh@k-state.edu,