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KSRE Employee Resources

2017 Committee

Committee Chair — John Ruberson, Department Head, Entomology

Vice Chair — Dan Devlin, Director, Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)/Kansas Water Resources Institute (KWRI)

Daryl Buchholz, Former Associate Director for Extension and Applied Research

Steven Graham, Former Assistant to Dean and Director

Gregg Hadley, Associate Director for Extension

Krista Harding, Agriculture and Natural Resources/Horticulture Agent, Southwind District (Kansas Association of County Agricultural Agents)

Debbie Hagenmaier, Assistant Director, K-State Global Campus

Gloria Holcombe, Editor, Communications and Agricultural Education

Sharolyn Jackson, Family and Consumer Sciences Specialist, Northeast Area

Jill Martinson, 4-H Youth Development Agent, Dickinson County (Kansas Extension Agent Association)

Ernie Minton, Associate Director for Research/Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

Kaitlin Peine, 4-H Youth Development, Douglas County (Kansas Association of Extension 4-H Agents)

Paula Peters, Assistant Director, Family and Consumer Sciences

Jamie Rathbun, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, Midway District (Kansas Extensions Association of Family and Consumers Sciences)

Nadine Sigle, Community Vitality Specialist, Agriculture and Natural Resources (Epsilon Sigma Phi and Kansas Association of Community Development Extension Professionals)

Stacey Warner, Leader, Extension Operations

Wade Weber, Department Head and State 4-H Program Leader, 4-H Youth Development


2017 Conference Objectives

• Share ideas on how to lead through challenging times.

• Promote learning through innovative programs based on our five grand challenges.

• Build personal and professional relationships through networking with colleagues.

• Recognize outstanding programs and contributions by faculty and staff.