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KSRE Employee Resources

Wednesday Morning, November 1

K-State 2025: Still the Map Forward in 2017-18, April Mason, provost and senior vice president

A Global Destination for Research and Extension and a Driving Force for Change, John Floros, director of
K-State Research and Extension and dean of the College of Agriculture; Gregg Hadley, associate director for extension, and Ernie Minton, associate director of research and associate dean of research and graduate programs

Farm Stress, Mykel Taylor, associate professor, Agricultural Economics; Charlotte Shoup Olsen, professor/extension specialist, and Elizabeth Kiss, associate professor, Family Studies and Human Services

Use the link below to watch the opening session.



Thursday Morning, November 2

Kings and Kingmakers, Barry Flinchbaugh, professor emeritus, Agricultural Economics 

Use the link below to watch the Flinchbaugh's session.