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KSRE Employee Resources

Civil Rights Files

Policy Statement  (06-11)

Legislation  (05-10)

Summary of the Plan for Public Notification  (05-10)

Compliance Reviews by NIFA  (05-10)

Reviews and Audits  (05-10)

Procedure to Respond to a Program Discrimination Complaint  (05-10)

Guidelines for Reviewing Extension 4-H and Youth Development Program to Assure Equal Access  (05-10)

Guidelines for Expanding Extension Program Development Committees  (01-2015)

Written Notification  (05-10)

Written Notification Sample Letter  (05-10)

All Reasonable Efforts  (05-10)

KS 4-H Tips About All Reasonable Efforts  (05-10)

Increasing Diversity  (05-10)

Local Unit Director Policy and Position Description

Disability and Title IX Policy  (05-10)

Title IX Sex Discrimination  (05-10)

Office Professionals - Steps in Hiring

Policies Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment  (n.d.)

Ombudspersons and Grievance Procedure  (n.d.)

Mini-Review  (11-12)