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KSU1-10 Kansas Master Farmer- Master Farm Homemaker Workbook

Please read the general instructions page before continuing.

As stated in the general instructions with Adobe Acrobat Reader the forms can be filled in and printed.  If  Adobe Reader is used PDF-XChange Viewer will need to be downloaded in order to save these forms. If you have questions about this, please call Sue Robinson, Extension Administration, 785-532-5820.  If PDF-XChange Viewer is not downloaded the form cannot be saved if using Adobe Reader.  Therefore, it is suggested that information be entered into a few pages of the form, those pages proofread and printed. It may be cumbersome to type the complete application at one sitting.




The Master Farmer-Master Farm Homemaker recognition program is co-sponsored by K-State Research and Extension - Extension Administration and the Kansas Farmer magazine. Six Kansas farm couples may be selected to receive the recognition each year. Priority is given to selection of one couple from each of the four Extension program areas. Two additional  couples are selected at large.

K-State Research and Extension - Extension Administration assumes  responsibility for coordinating the awards program by arranging for nominations, selecting a panel of judges, arranging for judging, and making arrangement for the awards banquet. In addition, Extension Administration arranges for a business meeting during Master Farmer-Master Farm Homemaker Day at the Kansas State Fair. The Master Farmers and Homemakers are guests of the Kansas Farm Bureau and Frontier Farm Credit for the fair banquet and guests of  the Fair Board at the grandstand show that evening.



A panel will select a new class of Master Farmers-Master Farm Homemakers from the county/district nominations. Selection will be based on review of a workbook prepared by the nominees, reflecting the growth and magnitude of their lifelong accomplishments for the many years of their adult life. Special emphasis will be placed on the following criteria.

  1. Growth of the farm operation through the years. Has the operation demonstrated sound stewardship and steady growth through the years?
  2. Community activities. Has the couple participated actively in school,church, government, and Extension activities, farm organizations, etc. throughout their lifetime.
  3. Accomplishments of their children. Although the couple is being honored, accomplishments of their children are taken into consideration.


It is suggested the nominations in each county/district be selected by a county/district committee of adults who might include three representatives from the Extension Council/Governing Body (one each from agriculture, family and consumer sciences, 4-H); one representative of a local civic organization (man or woman); one local banker; or other local individuals you might select to act as a nominating committee. In lieu of this special committee, the Executive Board/Governing Body might make the nomination.  The Extension agents shall not be members of this committee, but shall act in an advisory capacity and as secretary of the committee.



The county/district committee, using a blank form of the Master Farmer-Master Farm Homemaker workbook as a guide, shall nominate an outstanding farm couple for consideration of their long-term accomplishments by a selection panel. The candidates must be residents of the county/district.



Immediately following the selection, the candidate shall be contacted by the secretary of the county/district committee and notified of the nomination. The candidates shall then complete the Master Farmer-Master Farm Homemaker Workbook which will be submitted to the selection panel for use in selecting the new class.


Workbooks should be typed if possible. Selection committee members appreciate brevity.



A total of six (6) photographs plus aerial photos (optional) of the farm and farmstead illustrating the nominee's farm layout, farm operations and other activities may be submitted as part of this nomination. Please do not submit FSA or NRCS aerial photos.


All nominations and all material in the workbooks will be kept strictly confidential. The completed workbook is not to be reviewed by the county/district committee as this book may contain confidential and personal financial data.



All completed workbooks are to be sent to Extension Administration in Manhattan for submission to the selection panel. Workbooks will be returned to the counties/districts as soon as the selection procedure has been completed. The selection committee, as appointed by the Associate Director for Extension and Applied Research, generally consists of campus-based University administrators in agriculture or family and consumer sciences, Extension field workers in agriculture or family and consumer sciences, and agricultural business representatives.



1.  Secure Executive Board/Governing Body approval to submit a nomination
2.  Convene county/district committee to make nominations
3.  Secure completed workbook from nominee
4.  Send completed workbook to Extension Administration, Kansas State University, 123 Umberger Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-3401, by deadline.


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Please direct your questions, comments, and suggestions about this form to Extension Administration 785-532-5820. Thank you.