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KSU8-10 Equipment Inventory

This form includes three pages for listing equipment, 15 items per page, including description of item, quantity, date acquired, original cost and disposition. The fourth page is available for showing the location of equipment that is not at the local office.

If you've never used the web version of Administrative Forms before, please start by reading the general instructions before proceeding.

Here are instructions for filling out this form. They also appear on the back page of this form.


  1. Include a complete description of each item of equipment: serial numbers of computers, typewriters, automobiles, etc. The description should be sufficient so that the item may be identified by any person not familiar with it.

  2. Include only those items whose original cost was $500.00 or more. Including qualifying items that were in-kind gifts to the local unit (i.e.vehicles, utility trailers, storage sheds, etc).

  3. Designate items that are not usually kept in office or laboratory by star (*). Note usual location for these items in section above.

  4. Record items in last year’s inventory which have been discarded, lost, traded or stolen and make appropriate notation in disposition column. After such items are accounted for, they will be dropped on the next year’s inventory.

  5. Prepare two copies. File one copy in permanent record file. Mail one copy to Regional Extension Director’s Office by January 15.

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Please direct any questions about this form to your Regional Director. Thank you.