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KSU8-17 Travel Payment Voucher

If you've never used the web version of Administrative Forms before, please start by reading the general instructions before proceeding.

Follow these directions for completing this form:.
Date: Use m/d/yy.  For example, June 6, 2012, would be 6/6/12.

Departure and Arrival Times: Use h:mm am/pm or hh:mm am/pm.

Examples would be 8:05 am or 10:15 pm. For noon, use 11:59 am or 12:01 pm. Use 11:59 pm for midnight.

Private Vehicle Miles: As a general rule, round off mileage to whole numbers. However, this form will accept numbers with one decimal point, such as 221.8 miles.

Meals, Lodging Amount and Other Expenses Amount: Enter these as actual dollars and cents, such as $9.67 cents for a meal or $76.88 for lodging.

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