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Instructions and Policy for KSU8-45 a and b

Raffle Application, Raffle Final Report and Sample

If you have not used the web version of Administrative Forms before, please start by reading the general instructions before proceeding.

Policy E26 - Raffle Policy and Guidelines


Due to the recent changes in 2015 Kansas law, it is now possible for nonprofit and education entities to conduct raffles.  Refer to the Kansas raffle amendment SCR 1618 for state statute requirements http://www.ksrevenue.org/bingoraffle.html


A raffle has three components:  prize, consideration (ticket cost) and chance (luck).  If a raffle is held, it must be conducted under the following conditions and policy.  Raffles must be transparent and open, so there is no question that the raffle is above board.  There also must be an equal chance for winning and equity for everyone who purchases a ticket.

The Extension board must agree to support the conducting of raffles.  The Extension board may opt in or out of conducting raffles at any time, by passing a motion noted in the official minutes.

  • The group conducting the raffle must be an Extension unit-affiliated group, e.g., 4-H club or project group, Master Gardeners, etc. 
  • Any group that wishes to conduct a raffle must first submit an application.
  • All raffles must be approved by the Extension unit prior to conducting of the raffle.  Since boards meet once per month, groups wishing to conduct a raffle must allow sufficient time for approval.
  • Groups must specify in the application the primary purpose of the raffle and how the money will primarily be used. 
  • Groups that begin a raffle process (including selling tickets) prior to board approval will be required to cancel the raffle and return all monies collected.
  • All raffle tickets must be pre-printed with a numbering system, e.g., 001 to 1,000.  No hand numbering of tickets is allowed.
  • All raffle tickets must have a pre-numbered ticket stub and matching ticket number.  Tickets may be perforated, so the stub may be separated easily from the ticket.  The ticket must be given to the person buying the ticket at the time of sale, and the stub with contact name and information must be retained for the drawing.
  • Unsold tickets must be collected and returned to the raffle coordinator within seven days after the raffle is conducted.  A log must be used to keep track of the numbers of tickets issued and to whom they were issued for accounting purposes.
  • The raffle ticket must include the following information:  name of raffle sponsor, (e.g., Clover County Master Gardeners), the word raffle on the ticket, cost of the ticket, date of the raffle drawing, prizes to be given away, whether or not person must be present to win (generally not necessary), contact name, phone and e-mail for winning list of prizes, and location of the raffle if it is occurring at a particular event.  (See sample of ticket and ticket stub).
  • Ticket stub must include the following information:  name of raffle sponsor, (e.g., Clover County 4-H Council), the word raffle on the ticket, cost of the ticket, date of the raffle drawing, space for name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail of the purchaser, so they may be contacted to collect the prize.
  • For the drawing of ticket stubs, a large container must be used so the ticket stubs can be thoroughly mixed.  A wire cage with an opening door is desired, so that the tickets can be mixed additionally between drawings.
  • Any person who is sponsoring or closely affiliated with the raffle may not draw the winning ticket(s). 
  • Final accountability of the raffle must be submitted within 10 days after the raffle to the Extension unit.