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KSRE Employee Resources


K-State Policies and Procedures Manual  

University Handbook

Extension Administrative Handbook

Additions and Revisions to Extension Administrative Handbook

Kansas 4-H Youth Development Policy Guide

Kansas Board of Regents Policies

Handbook for County Extension Councils and District Governing Bodies

Recent K-State Research and Extension Policies

Raffle Policy and Guidelines

Local Unit Change Funds Policy

PDC Engagement Policy

Official Bulletin Board List.pdf 

Agent Staffing in Local Units.pdf

Disciplinary Action Procedures for Local Extension Office Professionals and Program Assistants.pdf

Professional Scheduling.pdf

Local Extension Unit Credit (Procurement) Card Policy

Out of County and Out of State Travel Policy

Cell Phone/Data Enabled Portable Communication Device Options

Approval of Extension Council and Extension District Expenses

District Extension Agent Salary Policy at Time of Position Vacancies

Expense Reimbursement of Executive Board / District Governing Body Members.

Frequency of Extension Board Meetings

Local Unit Director Policy and Position Description

The Extension Program Assistant: Policies, Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities for Extension Local Unit Administration of Extramural Funds

Financial Review Committee Responsibilities for 4-H Club/Group and Other Extension Affiliated Accounts

Principles of Managing Non-Appropriated Funds