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Program Focus Teams - Roles and Responsibilities

K-State Research and Extension agents and specialists are engaged in an ongoing process of programming and professional development. Teams determine appropriate professional development opportunities to assist agents in developing expertise in the area of program focus and lead program development initiatives.

A. Purpose of Program Focus Teams:

  • Identify basic knowledge and professional development opportunities for all agents who want to do programming in subject area
  • Identify advanced knowledge and professional development opportunities for program focus team members wanting to do in-depth programming in subject area
  • Develop state-wide action plans and evaluation plan related to subject area

B. Design of Program Focus Teams

  • Program Focus Teams are led by an agent, a specialist (state or area), an administrative representative (department head), and an assistant director
  • Department heads, area directors, and assistant directors recommend and approve appointments to teams
  • All Program Focus Teams are non-departmentally formed
  • Program Focus Teams report progress to appropriate Assistant Directors

C. Agents' role:

  • Identify an area of program focus and develop expertise in this area, in consultation with their Extension Board and area director
  • Participate as a team member to acquire and deliver knowledge in a specific area of program focus
  • Include program focus activity in professional development plan
  • Participate in development of a state-wide action plan in subject area
  • Provide input into what professional development is needed
  • Experience more efficient and specific training
  • Become recognized for their chosen area of program focus
  • Change designated area of program focus as deemed necessary by agent, Extension Board, and area director


D. Specialists' role:

  • Participate in the process to advance knowledge in a specific area of program focus
  • Serve on various program focus teams as specialist knowledge and training are desired
  • Learn what programs are needed by the agents
  • Provide leadership to conduct efficient/specific training to agents on the program focus team
  • Participate in development of a state-wide action plan in subject area
  • Increase agents ability to conduct focused programming

E. Administrative Advisor's Role:

  • Participate as an active member of the Program Focus Team in planning professional development and program development opportunities
  • Encourage open availability of basic knowledge offerings to the entire system
  • Communicate ongoing progress of the team with assistant directors, associate director and other administrative unit leaders
  • Manage the Program Focus Team budget
  • Guide specialists in identifying a team to be on
  • Encourage involvement of entire team in deciding opportunities for professional development

F. Selecting a Program Focus Team - New Agents

  • Each Agent will select one area of program focus. The determination of that area should be based upon the following questions:
  • Is this a need in your local unit?
  • Do you have the support of your Extension board and area director?
  • Are you willing to seek out and attend training to strengthen that expertise?
  • Do you have a passion for the work to be done?
  • In consultation with area director and Extension Board, determine the area of program focus in which new agent will develop expertise. This will take place after new agent program development session, or during agent performance review process, or at a time determined appropriate by the three parties involved in the process.
  • Become a member of a Program Focus Team.
  • Area director will submit agents name and program focus selection to Field Operations.
  • Agents' name will be listed on the web as a member of selected team.

G. Selecting a Program Focus team - New Specialists

  • Work with assistant director and department head to identify program focus team(s)in which new specialist will advance knowledge. This will take place within the first six months of employment.
  • Become an active member of at least one program focus team.
  • Assistant director will submit specialists name and program focus selection(s) to Field Operations.
  • Specialist's name will be listed on the web as a member of selected team(s).