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Adult Development and Aging Program Focus Team

Adult Development and Aging - addressing issues related to growth and change across the adult lifespan, including attitudes about aging, intergenerational relationships, family caregiving, planning for long term care and end-of-life issues.

Adult Development and Aging Web site

Map of Adult Development and Aging Program Focus Team Members

PFT Action Plans

Making a Difference 2013 Annual Conference Slides

Adult Development and Aging Program Focus Team Listserv 



 Focus Team:       Adult Development and Aging                                        


Amy Collins
Erin Yelland

 Evaluation Liaison:
JoEllyn Argabright
Members: 21 


NameEmailDepartment/Local Unit
Jo Argabrightjoargabright@ksu.eduRawlins County
Stacy Brownstacy26@ksu.eduTwin Creeks District
Amy Collinsacollins@ksu.eduStafford County
Carol Ann Crouchccrouch@ksu.eduScott County
Teresa Hatfieldthatfield@ksu.eduSedgwick County
Nancy Honignhonig@ksu.eduStevens County
Megan Macymnmacy@ksu.eduCommunications and Agricultural Education
Jana McKinneyjmckinne@ksu.eduMcPherson County
Christine McPhetercmcphete@ksu.eduMeade County
Anna Muiramuir@ksu.eduPhillips-Rooks District
Nancy Nelsonnnelson@ksu.eduMeadowlark District
Chris Onstadconstad@ksu.eduNortheast Area
Paula Petersppeters@ksu.eduAdministration - Assistant Director
Barbara Rothsbroths@ksu.eduButler County
Ethel Schneweiseschnewe@ksu.eduFord County
Jennifer Schroederjenj@ksu.eduReno County
Tara Solomon-Smithtsolomon@ksu.eduWildcat District
Barbara Stockebrandbstockeb@ksu.eduSouthwind District
Deanna Turnerdturner@ksu.eduRiver Valley District
Jayne Whitsonjwhitson@ksu.eduGreenwood County
Jeff Wichmanjwichman@ksu.eduCommunications and Agricultural Education
Erin Yellanderinyelland@ksu.eduFamily Studies and Human Services