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Monthly President’s Message

President's Update

Dear Alpha Rho ESP Members,    

As we wrap up the work year with reports, plans of work and evaluations, ESP is also wrapping up the year to transition to new leadership, intense planning for the 2018 national meeting, and recognition of accomplishments at annual conference. 

It’s also the time of year where association memberships are renewed along with the payment of dues.  A huge thank you goes to administration for allowing professional association dues to be paid with county, district, or department funds.  In the county or district you’ll need to get approval from your boards for the expenditure and determine how many association dues they will cover.  Same would be true for getting approval from department heads at the state level.  Even if your board or department will only cover the expense of one association it will reduce the burden from your pocket and allow membership in both a professional discipline and Epsilon Sigma Phi. 

The online payment and renewal system is greatly improved.  Last year, I too had problems with the online registration, but this year it went right through.  For annual members it gives you the option of paying online or submitting a check.  Associate members have the ease of sending their payment directly to Jennifer Wilson or Michelle Gieber and bypass the online system.  No longer is the excuse of the system is too complicated a reason for not joining.  

At annual conference this year we will be recognizing our colleagues for past accomplishments as well as announcing program innovation grant recipients.  That same evening we will be hosting our traditional silent auction.  We encourage all of you to either bring along an item or support the silent auction through your bids.  The funds go into our endowment for your future use.   

The national planning committee was very forward thinking and applied for a grant for scholarships for Alpha Rho members to cover a portion of the registration fee for the 2018 national conference.  Further details will soon be announced on these scholarships. 

Soon you will be receiving the announcement for our annual business meeting and a copy of the annual report.  In an effort to save resources, please have access to these items at our annual business meeting.  Only a few copies will be printed. 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you this year and I look forward to supporting John Forshee and team as they take over the lead for 2018. 



Nadine Sigle 

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