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Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Rho Chapter

Membership Recruitment and Retention

Membership of this committee should include council directors.

Stacey Warner  - ChairNancy Daniels  - Chair Elect
David DunnDonna Krug
Joe HarnerChiquita Miller
Beth HinshawChuck Otte
Jared HoyleSandy Procter
 Doug JardineGayle Price
John JobeLindsay Shorter


1. Convene committee after annual conference. Review and develop a plan to carry out the committee

2. Work with the treasurer to get a list of individuals who have not paid dues. Give the names to the council
    directors to contact those individuals to remind them about paying their dues.

3. Work with president in planning and applying for national Achievement in Chapter Membership award.

4. Explore resources for this committee on the national website.

5. Submit a budget request for next year to Budget and Audit Committee.

6. Work with the editor to keep membership brochure up to date.

7. Work with webmaster to update website with current information about this committee.

8. Develop strategies to recruit and retain members.

9. Four months prior to Annual Conference request from Extension Operations Office a list of individuals who
    are new extension professionals during the past year.

10. Consider other extension professionals who are not ESP members and develop strategies for contacting
     and inviting them to membership.

11. Send potential members (new faculty as well as those employed three years or less who have never been
     members) a membership invitation, information about dues, details about the annual banquet and
     initiation ceremony. Confirm receipt of dues and remind new members to register for the
     recognition event at Annual Conference.

12. With the treasurer, submit names of new associate, annual, life and transfer members for the annual
     report and program book at the recognition event.

13. Order creed and pins from National ESP to present to new members during initiation ceremony.

14. Conduct initiation ceremony for new members at annual banquet. Have them sign the new initiates book.

15. After annual conference send items (creed, pin, etc.) from initiation ceremony to those who were unable
     to attend.

16. Work with the president to identify someone to present an overview of ESP membership to new extension
     professionals attending new agent program development session.

17. Report on the accomplishments of this committee in newsletters, at each council meeting, the annual
     business meeting, and in the annual report.