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Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Rho Chapter

Annual Recognition Reception


Jennifer Carr - ChairAmanda Marney - Chair Elect  
Ignacio CiampittTyler Husa
Megan DoughertyNancy Nelson
Susan FangmanMark Ploger
Wendy HughesJamie Rathbun


1. Convene committee after annual conference. Review and develop a Plan to carry out the
    committee responsibilities.

2. Explore resources for this committee on the national website.

3. Submit a budget request for next year to Budget and Audit Committee

4. Work with webmaster to update website with current information about this committee

5. Make general arrangements for the annual banquet, including site, menu, decorations, seating
    guests, program booklets and other arrangements

6. Work with the chapter president on the banquet agenda.

7. Work with the editor to prepare the program booklet

8. Explore additional opportunities to engage members in the annual banquet.

9. Report the accomplishments of this committee in newsletters, at each council meeting, the annual business
    meeting, and in the annual report.