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Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Rho Chapter



Elizabeth Brunscheen Cartagena -  Chair Chelsea Richmond- Chair Elect
Stacy BrownBertha Mendoza
Travis CarmichaelChiquita Miller
Sharon Erickson-FrybackFaith Orth
Lindsey MuetingFran Richmond
Lora HortonJayne Whitson
Rebecca McFarland 


1.  Convene committee after annual conference.  Review and develop a plan to carry out committee

2. Explore resources for this committee on the national website.

3. Submit a budget request for next year to Budget and Audit Committee.

4. Work with webmaster (Martha Monihen) to update website with current information about this

5. Inform membership of national scholarships and mini-grants.

6. Explore additional opportunities to engage members in recognition.

7. Report the accomplishments of this committee at each council meeting, the annual business meeting
    and in the annual report.

8. Review descriptions, criteria and application forms for chapter recognition and national recognition.
    Make appropriate changes for consistency.

9. Solicit nominations for chapter recognition four months prior to due date.

10. Receive applications, process and send to selection sub-committee and inform recipients.
     (Administrators do not need to send a letter of support only a yes or no about supporting the candidate.)

11. Notify the recipients of the Friend of Extension and the Retiree honoree. The chapter sponsors their
     registration and registration for one guest to attend the recognition event. Additional guests may attend
     at the regular cost of the event.

12. Secure presenters for the recognition event at annual conference. This has typically been the person
     who nominated the recipient.  The chair- elect has had the responsibility for securing presenters.

13. Secure recognition gifts for recipients:  framed certificate for inpidual awards plus a $20 gift card;
     Team awards, inpidual certificates in folders and one $20 gift card for the team.

14. Prepare recognition summaries of the recipients.  Submit the summary to the ESP chapter editor
     for the program booklet.  (The chapter editor works with K-State Research and Extension editors to
     prepare the recognition booklet.)

15. Recognize recipients at annual banquet, in newsletter and annual report and other appropriate places.

16. Secure a photographer for the recognition event.  (This is usually a member of the chapter.)

17. Send digital photos to webmaster for posting on website. Work with webmaster to place photos and
     description of recognition recipients on the website.

18. Support and encourage chapter recipients in updating application and meeting criteria for national
     recognition.  Keep recipients and chapter aware of national deadline.  Serve as the official liaison
     between nominees and national.

19. Update history of recognition recipients. Margaret Phillips is currently maintaining this history of

20. Work with webmaster to update the committee chair name on application forms.

Timeline for Recognition Committee