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Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Rho Chapter

Tenure Recognition


Aliesa Woods - ChairPatsy Maddy - Chair Elect
Tom BullerPaula Peters
Cassie HomanEthel Schneweis
Sarah KeatleyMonica Thayer
Lynn LougharyDeanna Turner
 Tara Markley 


1. Convene committee after annual conference. Review and develop a plan to carry out the committee

2. Explore resources for this committee on the national website.

3. Submit a budget request for next year to Budget and Audit Committee

4. Work with webmaster to update website with current information about this committee

5. Request budget from Budget and Audit Committee

6. Four months prior to Annual Conference request from Extension Operations Office a list of ESP members
    who have 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 years of service. Notify these individuals that they will be
    recognized at the annual banquet.

7. Secure recognition gifts for recipients.

8. Conduct recognition ceremony at the annual banquet.

9. Recognize members in the newsletter, website and other locations determined by the committee.

10. Explore additional opportunities to recognize members.

11. Report on the accomplishments of this committee in newsletters, at each council meeting, the annual
     business meeting, and in the annual report.