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Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Rho Chapter


Current Recognition Recipients

Administrative Leadership

Ethel SchneweisEthel Schneweis
Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, Ford County

Ethel was nominated for the Administrative Leadership award for her many years of devoted service to Ford County Extension, the Southwest Area, and to her fellow extension agents across the state of Kansas. Ethel has a great work ethic and is a team player, willing to jump in and help a co-worker or start a new program to meet the needs of a community.

Nominated by: Debra Bolton


Horizon-- County/District

Teresa HatfieldTeresa Hatfield
Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, Sedgwick County

Teresa is a confident, focused leader who has expanded the Adult Development and Aging program in the county. She provides leadership for the Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas (SHICK) program in three counties. In 2016-2017, the SHICK program in Sedgwick County has had over 5,300 Medicare contacts and has involved approximately 50 volunteers. She is a dedicated extension educator who is passionate about helping others, especially seniors. 

Nominated by: Gayle Price



Candis MeerpohlCandis Meerpohl
4-H Youth and Development Agent, Shawnee County

Upon arriving in Shawnee County, Candis set a path to increase the number of youth participating in the 4-H program. Since 2012, she has worked tirelessly to strengthen the community club program while providing new opportunities for youth to participate in 4-H including: Special Interest (SPIN) Clubs, Career Exploration Day, and National Youth Science Day. As a result of her hard work, 4-H enrollment in Shawnee County has increased 30 percent since 2013.

Nominated by: Laurie Chandler


Horizon -- State

Monte VandeveerMonte Vandeveer
Agricultural Economist, Southwest Region

Monte has worked in Extension and internationally for nearly 30 years. His focus has been on helping the producer find the best safety nets to protect his or her crops, find the most supportive insurances for producers, and to educate on the effects of global market economies. Monte is devoted to Research and Extension, and he is an interested and supportive colleague.

Nominated by: Debra Bolton




Early Career

Sharon Erickson-Fryback
Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, Gray County

Sharon brings a non-typical outlook to her position and works closely with her PDC members to bring relevant and current programs to her community. She thinks outside of the box and is willing to try new methods to reach the general public and get research-based information out to them. Recently Sharon has been using social media to increase awareness and distribute educational information to people.

Nominated by: Ethel Schneweis


Andrea Burns
Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, Ford County

Andrea has a strong record of presenting timely, high-quality educational programs and serves on committees at the state, regional, and county level. She is a member of the Kansas Association of County Agriculture Agents, having served in various positions, including President, Secretary, Treasurer, President-Elect & Southwest Director. She is a skilled communicator and a leader within the Epsilon Sigma Phi Alpha Rho Chapter, serving currently as the Southwest Region Council Director. She continues to be a trainer and mentor to several new agents in the area.

Nominated by: Ethel Schneweis

Meritorious Service — County/District

Denise Dias
Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, Johnson County

Denise is genuine and greets everyone she knows with a smile. Her leadership style, deep commitment and passion for providing quality Extension educational programs encourage others to be associated with her. Denise is a role model to her colleagues and should be congratulated for her 21 years of distinguished service to the citizens of Kansas.

Nominated by: Tara Markley

Distinguished Service

Chuck OtteChuck Otte
Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, Geary County

While Chuck has provided outstanding agriculture and natural resource programs in Geary County for more than 34 years, his claim to fame is his knowledge and passion for birding. His passion has made him a nationally recognized expert in this area. His wildlife awareness programs are top notch and widely requested. Chuck exemplifies a great Extension professional. He truly cares about the issues of the people, takes time to listen, and is proud to provide a reliable, research-based answer.

Nominated by: Jennifer Wilson

Diversity/Multicultural - Individual*

Chris PettyChristopher Petty
Livestock Production Agent, Southwind District

Christopher, a Bear Clan member of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, and a District Extension Agent with the Southwind District, provides agricultural programming designed for the benefit of individuals regardless of age, gender, religion, race, handicap, socioeconomic status or ethnicity.

Presented by: Rebecca McFarland

* ESP National recognition category