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The FAMILIES! website from K-State Research and Extension is designed to share research-based educational information for enhancing the quality of personal and family life in communities throughout Kansas as well as the nation. We hope you take time to browse through our web pages to find resources that could be helpful in your daily life, whether it be with family, friends, co-workers, or other persons with whom you are connected in the community.

If you are a Kansas resident, your local K-State Research and Extension office can give you assistance with family-related resources. They can provide you with the materials listed under publications and other information as requested.

Tip of the Month - November (information from www.innerengineering.com)

Did you know that taking time for meditation on a regular basis can help improve your relationships?  According to Dr. Marsha Lucas, “daily meditation can rewire a person’s brain for better relationships.”  People who practice meditation regularly can also experience less stress, in addition to better communication and perceptions, which can assist in forming healthier relationships.  While life can be very busy for many of us, taking even a brief period of time each day to meditate can offer benefits.

Relationship Tip

Coping with stress often begins with healthy communication and conflict resolution. Here are some tips to maintain positive relationships during busy times of the year:

  • Avoid accusatory statements so that the listener is more willing to respond positively.
  • When stress levels rise, practice calming techniques such as time-outs, soft voices, humor, or smiling.
  • Avoid hot-button topics and focus on keeping the conversation light and cordial.
  • Accept your differences and work towards a compromise. While conflict can be stressful, forgiveness can strengthen your family and your relationship

Source: National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families