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Latest News

pigsResearch results now available on wide array of swine feed efficiency topics
Presentations from international conference can be viewed online.

food storageHoliday foods: Tips on storage and shelf life
If you receive a gift of food this holiday season, ensure quality and safety by following these storage guidelines.

Kansas sorghumKansas Grain Sorghum sponsors harvest experience for K-State sorghum research team
The day was arranged by the Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission.

holiday foodsHoliday foods: Homemade and mail order gifts are welcome
If you plan to send gifts of food to family and friends this holiday season, don't take a chance on your food going to waste.

kochiaScientists seeking farmer involvement in overcoming herbicide-resistant weeds
Growers are encouraged to respond to a survey.

Other Related News

Kansas State researchers develop cell line to study obesity, other diseases
The discovery that has caught the attention of a Canadian company that markets innovative work in the life sciences.

$2.5 million grant funds study of how infectious diseases become epidemics
K-State researchers are part of a team funded by U.S. and U.K. agencies to identify and control infectious human, animal, and plant diseases.

Avoid a recipe for disaster with properly cooked food this Thanksgiving
A K-State food safety expert shares some food preparation tips for home cooks.


Upcoming K-State Research and Extension Events Nov. 25, 2015

Calving schools planned for December and January