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Latest News

heifersProducers focus on replacement heifer selection
A K-State cow-calf specialist provides strategies to choose efficient replacement females for the herd.

soil labThe International Year of Soils: Soils and Climate
Soils store carbon, reflect the sun's radiation and hold water.

pigsResearch results now available on wide array of swine feed efficiency topics
Presentations from international conference can be viewed online.

food storageHoliday foods: Tips on storage and shelf life
If you receive a gift of food this holiday season, ensure quality and safety by following these storage guidelines.

Kansas sorghumKansas Grain Sorghum sponsors harvest experience for K-State sorghum research team
The day was arranged by the Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission.

Other Related News

Kansas State researchers develop cell line to study obesity, other diseases
The discovery that has caught the attention of a Canadian company that markets innovative work in the life sciences.

$2.5 million grant funds study of how infectious diseases become epidemics
K-State researchers are part of a team funded by U.S. and U.K. agencies to identify and control infectious human, animal, and plant diseases.

Avoid a recipe for disaster with properly cooked food this Thanksgiving
A K-State food safety expert shares some food preparation tips for home cooks.


Upcoming K-State Research and Extension Events Nov. 25, 2015

Calving schools planned for December and January