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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wheat diseases caused by a host of viruses that might include wheat streak mosaic, triticum mosaic, soil-borne mosaic and barley yellow dwarf could cost producers 5 to 10 percent or more in yield reductions per crop, but a major advance in developing broad disease-resistant wheat is on the horizon.

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Virus Disease Resistance In Wheat

K-State plant geneticist, Harold Trick, and USDA plant pathologist, John Fellers, report on a major advance in developing virus disease resistance in wheat, using genetic engineering to build a durable defense in wheat varieties against a host of costly diseases, including wheat streak mosaic, barley yellow dwarf and soil borne mosaic.


Livestock Water Management

K-State watershed specialist, Herschel George, talks about developing alternative watering sites for cattle, as another way of protecting water quality.



Evaluating Cattle Feeding Sites

Kate Hagans talks with K-State watershed specialist, Ron Graber, about making beef calf housing and handling sites more conducive to preventing runoff into nearby water resources.


Released: November 19, 2014
Released: November 19, 2014