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  • Best Water Management Under Limited Irrigation
  • Released: September 16, 2014

    Irrigation systemGetting the most value out of irrigation water is likely on the minds of many Kansas farmers. As groundwater supplies diminish, pumping rates decline and talk of local water conservation policies surface in the state, these farmers face even more difficulty in determining how to best manage limited water.
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  • Beef Animal Welfare Views: U.S. Public vs. Cattle Producers
  • Released: September 08, 2014

    A main goal of research in any area is to address a knowledge or information gap. Although prior research has addressed the issue of animal welfare in certain areas—the swine and egg industries as examples—limited research currently exists comparing producer and consumer views of beef and dairy animal welfare, said Glynn Tonsor, livestock economist for Kansas State University.

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  • Americans’ Taste for Beef Continues, Even at Historically High Prices
  • Released: September 03, 2014

    Kansas State University agricultural economist Glynn Tonsor said beef demand this year has been surprisingly strong, especially in light of historically high prices. He spoke about the outlook for the U.S. beef and cattle industry and herd expansion at the 2014 K-State Risk and Profit Conference.

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  • What Does ‘The Sustainable American Dinner Plate’ Look Like?
  • Released: August 27, 2014

    Mary Lee Chin,"The Sustainable American Dinner Plate" Video
    A term common in food production today, sustainability has been difficult to define. Even so, several major food companies have promised to only use and sell products that are raised in a sustainable manner.
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