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 Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program

The Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program, better known as the KARL program, is now accepting applications for the tenth KARL class. Jack Lindquist, President and Program Director for KARL, says the 30 students chosen for the two-year course will do quite a bit of traveling. 
“They're going to be exposed to more than 200 speakers and tour hosts over a two-year period of time. Each of these seminars - there are nine in-state, one national to Washington, D.C., one national to an internationally recognized corporation, and an international study tour that's two weeks long. These are educational opportunities that they can't get anywhere else in the state of Kansas, and we've put it together in a package that is easily consumable by the individuals wanting to develop their leadership experiences.” 
Lindquist says KARL students are looking to take the next step – action-oriented individuals determined to overcome obstacles and take on new challenges. 
“They find that the KARL program provides them the background, the resources, the contacts, and the self-confidence to be able to make those decisions much more quickly and easily. And, it also develops a group of associates that they have a lot of commonalities with, that they can work together, into the future.” 

Applications for KARL Class 10 are due April 15th. You can find more information at your local extension office, or on our web site, at KStateAgToday.org.