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Agriculture Today

Agriculture Today is a daily program hosted by Eric Atkinson and distributed to radio stations throughout the state. It features K-State agricultural specialists and other experts examining agricultural issues facing Kansas and the nation. Below are the 8- and 11-minute segments from the last several weeks' shows.

Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past stories to ksrenews@ksu.edu.

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10-20-16Collaborative Sorghum Investment Program: Sarah Sexton-Bowser talks about the producer-backed initiative to advance the production capabilities and marketing possibilities of grain sorghum in the High Plains.Sexton-Bowser 1020
10-20-16Charcoal Rot Suppression: Gretchen Sassenrath talks about using a cover crop to suppress a major disease in soybeans. Sassenrath 1020
10-20-16National FFA Convention Report: Clara Wicoff files a report from Indianapolis. and Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories. Wicoff-News 1020
10-20-16Protecting New Trees from Winter Sunscald: Riley County Extension's Gregg Eyestone advises homeowners. Eyestone 1020
10-19-16Producers and Packers Direct Marketing Agreements: Ted Schroeder discusses them in light of the latest rules proposed by the USDA's Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyards Administration.Schroeder 1019
10-19-16Dryland and Irrigated Crop Budgets: Greg Ibendahl reports that producers can use these budgets to project their own expected returns next year.Ibendahl 1019
10-19-16 Social Media Boot Camp Preview: Cheryl Boyer of the Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement says it will train agribusiness professionals to make full use of social media in their marketing efforts.Boyer 1019
10-19-16Stop, Look and Listen:Gus van der Hoeven gives his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.SLL 1019
10-18-16Precision Crop Production: Gretchen Sassenrath shares research on combining cash and cover crops based on electrical conductivity in the field.Sassenrath 1018
10-18-16Fungal Genetics Stock Center: Kevin McCluskey explains how the center provides crop disease genetic material for researchers to study. McCluskey 1018
10-18-16Wind Turbines and Wildlife: Charlie Lee looks at the latest research, especially the impact on birds and bats. Lee 1018
10-18-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories. News 1018
10-17-16Weekly Cattle Market Report: LMIC's Jim Robb points to improving beef exports as the saving grace in an otherwise depressed cattle market. Robb 1017
10-17-16Nitrate Poisoning of Cattle: Gregg Hanzlicek cautions cow herd managers to have their baled forages tested for nitrate before feeding them.  He also offers tips on managing "hot" forage. Hanzlicek 1017
10-17-164-H Hall of Famer:  A visit with long-time K-State 4-H agent and specialist Ann Domsch who was inducted into the organization's national hall of fame last week.
 Domsch 1017
10-17-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 1017
10-14-16Weekly Grain Market Report: Dan O'Brien talks about large differences in cash grain bids throughout Kansas, and comments on the markets' reaction to USDA crop production and grain stocks reports.O'Brien 1014
10-14-16Corn, Sorghum and Soybeans: Ignacio Ciampitti discusses their status and whether they might have sustained freeze damage.
Ciampitti 1014
10-14-16Agricultural Weather:  Mary Knapp reports on the state's weather scene.Knapp 1014
10-14-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 1014
10-13-16Winter Grazing Opportunities, Part 1: From the recent K-State Ranching Summit, Dustin Pendell and Mykel Taylor promote the idea of cow-calf operators and crop producers partnering on herd grazing arrangements using crop residue, cover crops or winter wheat pasture, for mutual economic benefit, going over cost-to-return budgets. Pendell/Taylor1 1013
10-13-16Winter Grazing Opportunities, Part 2
Pendell/Taylor2 1013
10-13-16Composting: Johnson County Extension horticulture agent Dennis Patton offers tips on successfully incorporating organic material in the fall for the spring garden.
Patton 1013
10-13-16Tailgate Food Safety:From KDA Food Safety and Lodging Program's Adam Inman offers some quick reminders about safety practices....plus Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.Inman/News 1013
10-12-16Controlling Bur Ragweed and Field Bindweed: Curt Thompson advises on fall herbicide use on crop ground.Thompson 1012
10-12-16Armyworms and Cutworms: Jeff Whitworth reports on infestation in emerging winter wheat and alfalfa stands.  He talks about scouting for these pests and recommends the best actions to take if they're discovered.Whitworth 1012
10-12-16Stop, Look and Listen:Gus van der Hoeven gives his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.SLL 1012
10-12-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 1012
10-11-16Technology Decisions: Jason Bergtold, Terry Griffin and Noah Miller discuss tech trends identified in 17 years of KFMA data.Bergtold 1011 
10-11-16Hard Freeze and Sorghum Maturity:  Ignatio Ciampitti looks at cold temperature severity and duration, and sorghum hybrid physiology.Ciampitti 1011 
10-11-16Lead Toxicity: Charlie Lee talks about the ongoing problem which results from the use of lead ammunition and lost fishing tackle.Lee 1011 
10-11-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 1011 
10-10-16Weekly Cattle Market Report: Derrell Peel of OSU looks at the sharp jump in U.S. beef exports and comments on the demand for grazing calves for wheat pasture. Peel 1010
10-10-16Systems Ranch Management: Rick Machen of the King Ranch Institute at Texas A&M-Kingsville talks about how it can help solve challenges in the cow-calf enterprise. Machen 1010
10-10-16 Kansas Youth Leadership Forum: Beth Hinshaw previews the November event.Hinshaw 1010
10-10-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories. News 1010
10-7-16Weekly Cattle Market Report: Dan O'Brien comments on last Friday's USDA small grains and grain stocks reports, and talks about promising signs for wheat and corn exports.O'Brien 1007
10-7-16Ag and the Kansas Economy: KDA's Kellen Liebsch looks at a new report confirming  agriculture's position as the leading industry in the state, with county-by-county and ag enterprise analysis.
Liebsch 1007
10-7-16Agricultural Weather:  Mary Knapp reports on the state's weather scene.Knapp 1007
10-6-16Poor Wheat Emergence: Romulo Lollato discusses possible reasons suggests the grower completely re-plant a stand or overseed a spotty stand.   Lollato1 1006
10-6-16Wheat Management Phone App: Lollato promotes a new tool from OSU which helps growers manage wheat for grazing while still maintaining that stand's yield potential. It measures ground cover to know when to adjust stocking rates on wheat pasture as well as when to pull cattle off that wheat. Lollato2 1006
10-6-16Planting Bulbs for Spring Flowers: Ward Upham talks about planting in the fall. Upham 1006
10-6-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories. News 1006
10-5-15Corn Ear Mold: Doug Jardine discusses corn problems, including diplodia ear rot, and whether these molds pose any toxicity problems for livestock consuming that corn.Jardine 1005
10-5-16ARC and PLC Payments: Art Barnaby reports the USDA numbers and cap considerations when claiming a loan deficiency payment on this year's crops.Barnaby 1005
10-5-16Stop, Look and Listen: Gus van der Hoeven gives his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.SLL 1005
10-5-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 1005
10-4-16Aquifer Health Update, Part 1: UC-Irvine hydrologist Jay Famiglietti discusses his extensive research on the condition of underground aquifers around the world, including the Ogallala Aquifer here in the central Plains.  He talks about monitoring aquifer depletion with satellite technology and what needs to be done to extend the life of the Ogallala and other food-producing aquifers to sustain water availability for agriculture and the environment.Famiglietti-1 1004
10-4-16Aquifer Health Update, Part 2 Famiglietti-2 1004
10-4-16Deer Fences: Charlie Lee talks about reducing deer damage to crops and what fence designs appear to be effective in excluding deer from crop fields.Lee 1004
10-4-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 1004
 10-3-16Weekly Cattle Market Report: Glynn Tonsor looks at low cattle prices and shares his latest projections on calf backgrounding margins. Tonsor 1003
 10-3-16Cover Crop Weed Control: Anita Dille considers options based on the targeted weeds and timing of planting and herbicide selection. Dille 1003
10-3-16National 4-H Week: Amy Sollock talks about how the annual event is being observed in Kansas. Sollock 1003
 10-3-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories. News 1003
9-30-16Weekly Grain Market Report: Dan O'Brien talks about the continuing low grain prices at Kansas elevators looks ahead to the USDA's small grains summary and quarterly grain stocks reports due later today,O'Brien 0930
9-30-16Sugarcane Aphids: Brian McCornack advises about late-season control and urges growers to repeatedly scout their sorghum fields for this aphid right up to harvest time.McCornack 0930
9-30-16Preserving Underground Aquifers: Steven Graham previews the Henry C. Gardiner Global Food Systems Lecture by UC-Irvine's Jay Famiglietti.Graham 0930
9-30-16Agricultural Weather:  Mary Knapp reports on the state's weather scene.Knapp 0930
9-29-16Feedlot Antibiotics Documentation: Mike Apley of K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine looks at a five-year study funded by U-S-D-A to help central plains feedlot managers with their antibiotic stewardship.Apley 0929
9-29-16Water Use Reports Updates: K-D-A's Andy Terhune explains reporting changes required of irrigators and other water permit holders, and how the report can be filed on-line for the permit holder's convenience. Terhune 0929
9-29-16Oak Leaf Itch Mite: Raymond Cloyd offers homeowners protection tips, and talks about controlling ants that are starting to enter households.Cloyd 0929
9-29-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories. News 0929
9-28-16Sudden Death Syndrome and Sooty Mold: Chris Little addresses common disease problems found in Kansas soybeans and grain sorghum.Little 0928
9-28-16Internal Parasites and Fly Pressure: From Beef Stocker Field Day, OSU's Justin Talley talks about these cattle-herd issues and an integrated control approach to avoid treatment resistance problems.Talley 0928
9-28-16Stop, Look and Listen: Gus van der Hoeven gives his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.SLL 0928
9-28-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 0928
9-27-16Smoke Management and Prescribed Burning: From the K-State Beef Stocker Field Day last week, Clenton Owensby and Mike Collinge offer their perspectives on fire and smoke control.Owensby 0927
9-27-16Fall Noxious Weed Control: KDA's Scott Marsh advises landowners to consult their county noxious weed directors on the best control approaches for their area.Marsh 0927
9-27-16Trophy Game Hunting and Conservation: Charles Lee looks at a new study.Lee 0927
9-27-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 0927
9-26-16Weekly Cattle Markets Report: Lee Schulz of ISU looks at USDA's cattle-on-feed and cold storage reports and comments on the impact of China's planned import of U.S. beef. Schulz 0926
9-26-16Low-Stress Cattle Handling: From the 2016 Beef Stocker Field Day, Nebraska's Tom Noffsinger says the handler's understanding of cattle behavior is key.Noffsinger 0926
9-26-164-H International Exchange Opportunities: Deryl Waldren announces that applications are being taken for the variety of experiences abroad in 2017.
Waldren 0926
9-26-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 0926
9-23-16Weekly Grain Market Report: Dan O'Brien goes over his latest price probability projections for wheat based on the USDA's latest grain supply-and-demand numbers.O'Brien 0923
9-23-16IGP Institute's International Visitors: Jay O'Neil and Shawn Thiele tell about international grain buyers who participated in IGP courses in Manhattan this week: soybean-based feed manufacturers from China and wheat millers from Cuba.O'Neil 0923
9-23-16Agricultural Weather:  Mary Knapp reports on the state's weather scene.Knapp 0923
9-23-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 0923
9-22-16Agribusiness Mergers: Ed Perry discusses potential early impact on producers and eventual effects on production agriculture.Perry 0922
9-22-16Managing Family Farm Expenses: Gregg Ibendhal talks about recent trends in such expenses on Kansas farms based on KFMA data.Ibendhal 0922
9-22-16Seeding Cool-Season Lawns, Part 2:  Jared Hoyle offers more advice on establishing a cool-season lawn in the fall, including new lawn weed control and watering needs.Hoyle2 0922
9-22-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 0922
9-21-16Veterinary Feed Directive Update: A.J. Tarpoff goes over the impact of antibiotics administered in livestock feed, urging cattle and other livestock producers to begin working with their veterinarians now for implementing the new rules.Tarpoff 0921
9-21-16Farm Loan Availability: FSA's Bob White talks about USDA funding, urging producers to file early, even though funds won't be available until October.White 0921
9-21-16Stop, Look and Listen: Gus van der Hoeven gives his weekly commentary on rural Kansas. SLL 0921
9-20-16Pregnancy Analytics Phone App: Bob Larson explains how it helps collect herd preg-check data at chute-side for instant recording and analysis.Larson 0920 
9-20-16Water Issues Update: David Barfield of KDA reports on a recent final agreement that Kansas has reached with Colorado and Nebraska on management of water resources in the Republican River Basin, as well as on a water use agreement recently completed with a Native American tribe in northeast Kansas.Barfield 0920 
9-20-16Hunting and Wildlife Conservation: Charlie Lee discusses the three ways they work together. Lee 0920
9-20-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 0920
9-19-16Weekly Cattle Market Report: Derrell Peel of OSU talks about the rally in the fed and feeder cattle trades last week and comments on lack of convergence in cash and futures cattle prices.Peel 0919
9-19-16Feeding Cull Cows: Chris Reinhardt discusses marketing them, and the idea of feeding cows back to condition to breed this fall and sell later as bred females.
Reinhardt 0919
9-19-1648 Hours of 4-H Community Service: Beth Hinshaw and Mikey Hughes look ahead to a community service weekend coming up in early October.Hinshaw 0919
9-19-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 0919
 9-16-16Weekly Grain Market Report: Dan O'Brien offers his updated price probability outlook for corn and soybeans, based on the USDA's latest crop production and grain supply-and-demand reports. O'Brien 0916
 9-16-16Farm Finance Status App: Robin Reid talks about a first-of-its-kind on-line tool she  created that allows producers to benchmark their financial status in comparison to peer operations around Kansas.Reid 0916
9-16-16Agricultural Weather:  Mary Knapp reports on the state's weather scene. Knapp 0916
9-16-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 0916
 9-15-16Grain Sorghum Yield Phone App: Ignacio Ciampitti explains how it uses photos of grain sorghum heads to determine the seed count and likely yield potential.Ciampitti 0915
 9-15-16Soybean Feed Manufacturing Course: IGP's Carlos Campabadal reports on the latest short course hosted by the institute promoting the use of Kansas-grown grains in South America and abroad. Campabadal 0915
 9-15-16Seeding Cool-Season Lawns, Part 1: Jared Hoyle talks about site preparation and lawn seed selection. Hoyle1 0915
 9-15-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 0915
9-14-16Invasive Trees in Pastures: Walt Fick has advice on fall control via herbicide treatments to standing trees or cut stumps.Fick 0914
9-14-164-H in Paraguay: Deryl Waldren and Bernardo Villalba talk about Kansas 4-H is as a model for a university in Paraguay to create a 4-H program and system for youth.
Waldren 0914
9-14-16Ag Lenders Conference: Rich Llewlyn previews the early October meeting which will focus on the financial credit challenges facing lenders and producers during the agricultural economy slump.
Llewlyn 0914
9-14-16Stop, Look and Listen: Gus van der Hoeven gives his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.SLL 0914
9-13-16Anaplasmosis Survey: Gregg Hanzlicek talks about a new survey of Kansas cattle producers and veterinarians to collect data on how to successfully combat this escalating cattle disease.Hanzlicek 0913
9-13-16Livestock Waste As Post-Harvest Crop Nutrient:  Joel DeRouchey underscores the need to have that material analyzed for nutrient content before applying.DeRouchey 0913
9-13-16Emergency CRP Haying and Grassland Bird Habitat: Charlie Lee reviews a long-term study of the effects.Lee 0913
9-13-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest ag news stories.News 0913
9-12-16Weekly Cattle Market Report: Jim Robb of the LMIC goes over the latest favorable report on U.S. beef exports and the LMIC's new extended outlook on cattle price trends. Robb 0912
9-12-16Selecting Grazing Wheat: Romulo Lollato talks about commonly-grown varieties for their forage production, whether for both grazing and grain production or solely for pasturing.Lollato 0912
9-12-16Burning Serecia Lespedeza: K.C. Olson comments on conducting a prescribed burn here in early fall...a tactic that has proven effective in K-State trials. Olson 0912
9-12-16Kansas Youth Council: Beth Hinshaw and Janae McKinney encourage older 4-Hers to apply now for council membership. Hinshaw 0912
9-9-16Weekly Grain Market Report: Dan O'Brien comments on good news on the wheat export scene, and shares his new projection on wheat-seeded acreage for this next cropping year.O'Brien 0909
9-9-16Center for Grain and Animal Health Research: Dan Brabec talks about how the USDA center is using innovative technology for wheat quality and production research.Brabec 0909
9-9-16Sugarcare Aphid: Jeff Whitworth looks at aphid activity and whether or not to spray for it now.Whitworth 0909
9-9-16Agricultural Weather:  Mary Knapp reports on the state's weather scene.Knapp 0909
9-8-16Fungicide Treatment For Wheat Seed: Erick DeWolf considers the value and options of pre-planting application. DeWolf 0908
9-8-16New Lighting and Visibility Regulations: Ed Brokesh talks about new requirements for agriicultural machinery and equipment and if those will impact producers who are operating older equipment on public roadways.Brokesh 0908
9-8-16Landscape Ornamentals Diseases: Ward Upham looks at foliage diseases on peonies and leaf spot on ash trees. Upham 0908
9-8-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest agricultural news stories.News 0908
9-7-16Beef Calf Weaning Nutrition: Justin Waggoner talks about managing feed intake and offers a K-State-developed feeding protocol.
Waggoner 0907
9-7-16Beef Stocker Field Day: Dale Blasi previews the Thursday September 22 event in Manhattan.Blasi 0907
9-7-16Stop, Look and Listen: Gus van der Hoeven gives his weekly commentary on rural Kansas.SLL 0907
9-6-16Livestock Market Update: Glynn Tonsor reviews the rough sledding for the markets last week and the latest profit margin calculations for backgrounding calves this fall. Tonsor_0906
9-6-16Footrot On The Rise:  Gregg Hanzlicek talks about recent lameness in grazing attributed largely to August's wet soil conditions which have led to footrot. Hanzlicek_0906
9-6-16King Snakes and Copperheads:  Charlie Lee covers a new study of the interaction of king snakes and copperheads...and what happens when their numbers are out of balance. Lee_0906
9-6-16Agricultural News: Eric Atkinson looks at the latest agricultural news stories.News_0906