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Kansas Profile

Kansas Profile is a weekly radio feature hosted by Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development.  Each is approximately 4-minutes in length.

Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to ksrenews@ksu.edu.

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03-23-18CARLY WHORTONCECIL K’S– When a local grocery store in a small Kansas town closed its doors, two entrepreneurs stepped up to give their community something new – but still kind of old. KAN 03-23 
03-16-18DAN HOHMANSUGAR CREEK– When was the last time you went to a grocery story that didn’t have a self-checkout lane where you scanned your own items? This is the story of an old–fashioned grocery store that harkens back to the general stores of 100 years ago. KAN 03-16
03-09-18JOHN JACKSON– Trekking from one side of the world to the other, a well–traveled diplomat and entrepreneur makes his home in a rural Kansas town while he helps Kansas agriculture feed the world.KAN 03-09
03-02-18CASEY CAGLEPRAIRIE EARTH TOURS– Some people like to show off pictures of their family, children or pets. This is the story of a man who likes to show off his home state – and he’s turned this passion into a profitable business. KAN 03-02
02-23-18CHRIS WALKEREMPORIA GAZETTE– As reading habits, media choices and news options change, how do small town newspapers keep up with the changes? Here's a glimpse into one Kansas newspaper that is both rooting down, and branching out.KAN 02-23
02-16-18WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE (PART 2)– There are four statues in the rotunda of the Kansas state capitol building in Topeka. This is the story of one of those statues – and the man it memorializes.KAN 02-16
02-09-18WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE(PART 1)– One of the most legendary, respected citizens of Kansas has a big anniversary this year. Learn more about a Kansas man who left an indelible mark on American journalism.KAN 02-09
02-02-18KYLE BAUERKFRM– Every radio has at least two bands, the FM band and the AM band. This is the story of a pair of local radio stations that continue to flourish against national radio programming trends.KAN 02-02
01-26-18KYLE BAUERKCLY–FM– In 21st century American radio broadcasting, radio stations that are truly local in personnel and programming are increasingly difficult to find. Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development, introduces us to a small town radio station that still has a very local voice.KAN 01-26
01-19-18C & R RAILROAD– The engineer and his wife are long gone, but in a north central Kansas town, the trains still run. This is the story of a man, a dream, a whole lot of trains, and the red wagon that started it all.KAN 01-19
01-12-18JAKE WORCESTERMANHATTAN MEAT MARKET– In the “Little Apple,” where can you get a great steak or roast to cook for your family? From a Manhattan business owner who offers world–class cuts of meat from the best producers in Kansas.KAN 01-12 
01-05-18JOHN McCURRYMcCURRY ANGUS– One of America’s highest–ranked cattle ranches is located in Kansas -- and it has a family tradition of filling up the trophy case.KAN 01-05
12-29-17CODY FOSTERADVISORS EXCEL– For many people, good fortune is something worth passing on, or giving back. This is the story of a successful financial advisor who believes in giving back to the community.KAN 12-29
12-22-17KELLY SCHOENMASON AND DALTON– Having an accomplished college athlete in the family is enough to make any family swell with pride – but how about two of them? That's the story for one Kansas family.KAN 12-22
12-15-17EMILY MULLENNEXT DOOR– Last week we learned about a cutting edge pharmacy in Ulysses, Kansas. This week, we learn about a small but thriving gift shop that's just a few steps away.KAN 12-15 
12-08-17TYSON MULLENPHARMACY– A cutting-edge pharmacy that uses the latest technology sounds like something you would expect in a big city, but you can find one in rural southwest Kansas.KAN 12-08
12-01-17STEVE CRANFORDWHISPER– You don’t always have to shout to be heard. Listen to the story about a Kansas native who owns a marketing firm in New York City, based on the premise that it’s sometimes better to speak softly.KAN 12-01
11-24-17BRAD ROTHRURAL CHURCH– A Kansas pastor-turned-author is getting high praise for a recently-published book that takes a big look at life in a small church.KAN 11-24
11-17-17NANCY DANIELSFIRST IMPRESSIONS– What can rural communities learn from other rural communities? Only the things they can’t always see for themselves. Learn more about a program that helps rural communities put their best foot forward.KAN 11-17
11-10-17NILUS ORTHATOM POP– It could be the hip, retro, Space Age kitchen appliance that has never really gone out of style. And, it's the story of a Kansas entrepreneur whose product has survived the Microwave Revolution.KAN 11-10 
11-03-17NATE FREITAGFREE DAY POPCORN Some men take over the family business from their dad, or their father. this is the story of a Kansas farmer who took things over from his “Pop”… and now his crop is popping up in all sorts of places.KAN 11-03
10-27-17MARCI PENNERGUIDEBOOK 2– When it comes to Hollywood movies, most sequels pale in comparison to the movies that preceded them — but there are exceptions to the rule -- including a “sequel” to a Kansas book that has long been a favorite of explorers and day trippers.KAN 10-27 
10-20-17MATTHEW CRUBEL– VIDEOGRAPHER– The distance between hunting photography and wedding videos is shorter than you might think. One Kansas photographer has closed that distance.KAN 10-20
10-13-17SCOTT GROVERRODEO ANNOUNCER– A native Kansan has made a name for himself with the power of his voice and gift of speech — all while sitting atop a horse.KAN 10-13 
10-06-17KATHY YOUNGQUISTFARMERS MARKETS OF KAW VALLEY– It’s often said there’s strength in numbers. A Kansas volunteer and organizer has helped several adjacent farmers markets join forces to promote their produce and shopping opportunities.KAN 10-06 
09-29-17AL HARRISFOWL TERRITORY– A chef, a community leader, and a collector – Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development, introduces us to a Kansas man who has done all three. And it all started with one interesting object.KAN 09-29 
09-22-17JAY CLARKBUFFALO SOLDIERS– History is often something we read about in books, or maybe watch in a movie documentary. Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute For Rural Development, introduces us to a man who’s actually going out and living history — following in the footsteps of one of his ancestors.KAN 09-22
09-15-17MATT BARTENEMBRUON– It’s not quite as fast as time travel, but the process can help beef producers get a sneak peek at a calf before it’s born. Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development, introduces us to the medical technician behind this innovative business. KAN 09-15
09-08-17RUSSELL DISBERGER — EXECUTIVE EDUCATION– A Kansas entrepreneur has helped cultivate a trio of high-performance training courses for top-level business executives and managers.KAN 09-08 
09-01-17ZENDA (Part 2)– Concluding his look at the historic town of Zenda, Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development, has a story about a lumber yard…that doesn’t sell any lumber.KAN 09-01
08-25-17ZENDA 130th ANNIVERSARY (Part 1)– A Kansas town with fewer than 100 citizens will soon be celebrating its 130th anniversary.KAN 08-25
08-18-17DEB MANGELSDORF– A DOG’S PURPOSE– What kind of book could be on the New York Times bestseller list for an entire year? A book about dogs, of course! A Kansas veterinarian played a big part in the inspiration for that book.KAN 08-18
08-11-17BEN SCHEARSNORTHWEST TECH– The demand keeps growing for small software applications, or apps, for mobile devices, such as phones and tablet computers. A Kansas educator is teaching students to build these apps.KAN 08-11 
08-04-17ADRIENNE KORSON– SOLAR ECLIPSE– Many times, you only get one chance at something, so you have to be prepared. An innovative, forward-thinking county official is poised to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime event.KAN 08-04