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Kansas Profile

Kansas Profile is a weekly radio feature hosted by Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development.  Each is approximately 4-minutes in length.

Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to ksrenews@ksu.edu.

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07-13-18JOE, KIM, BOB AND MARY MERTZ (Part 2)– Jeanne and Harold Mertz left a mark on Kansas highways that still stands today, all over the state. And, their sons have carried on the family business with surprising results.KAN 07-13
07-06-18HAROLD AND JEANNE MERTZ (Part 1)  – We encounter all kinds of signs in life: signs that alert us to something, signs that want to sell us something, and signs that try to inform us about something. A Kansas farm couple created signs to inform motorists on Kansas highways about the value of agriculture.KAN 07-06
06-29-18RANDALL TOSHPHOREUS BIOTECH– Sometimes big ideas come in very, very small packages. In fact, a Kansas company is delivering big advancements in packages so small, you can’t even see them.KAN 06-29 
06-22-18PAT HAPPERMERIDEN (PART 2)– We all need the occasional pick-me-up, and for many of us, a good cup of coffee is just the ticket. Learn more about a rural coffee shop that has a unique beginning.KAN 06-22
06-15-18JAKE FARRANTMERIDEN (PART 1)– Football has come a long way since the days of leather helmets, minimal padding, and games played on natural turf. A Kansas entrepreneur is helping football players from high school to the National Football League get a firm footing on the field.KAN 06-15 
06-08-18TED BENDER– BENDER STEEL– A businessman in rural Kansas who learned to weld by taking agricultural education classes in high school says that skill became the basis of his career. KAN 06-08
06-01-18TONY SALCIDOREV-E3– As we continue a slow conversion to a nearly-paperless society, the need to tackle waste paper has also changed. One Kansas entrepreneur is committed to dealing with that growing waste issue.KAN 06-01
05-25-18TIM BROWNNUTRITIONAL CONSULTANT– It’s one thing for a product or business to be known all across their home state – but how about a reputation that spans the globe? Meet a Kansas entrepreneur who had just enough time to tell his story before boarding another transcontinental flight. KAN 05-25
05-18-18TIYA TONNFARM TO FORK– Sometimes, a good meal can go a long way towards bringing people together. In fact, there's a community event that not only brings people together around a good meal, it shows a lot of them just where their food comes from.KAN 05-18 
05-11-18JOEL RUSSELLCODELL CYCLONE DAY (PART 2)– Whoever first uttered, “Lightning never strikes the same place twice,” probably never visited Codell, Kansas. Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development, continues his look at the amazing weather events that occurred there, and how the community is incorporating them into their local history and heritage.KAN 05-11
05-04-18JOEL RUSSELLCODELL CYCLONE DAY (PART 1)– Whoever first uttered, “Lightning never strikes the same place twice,” probably never visited Codell, Kansas. This is the story of the amazing weather events that occurred there and how the community is incorporating them into their local history and heritage. KAN 05-04
04-27-18RAY ESSINGTON– In helping students with their keyboard skills, a rural Kansas high school music teacher is also building on the tradition of one of the world’s most famous musical instructors. Ironically, these two musical people came from the very same hometown.KAN 04-27
04-20-18DOROTHY DeLAY– One of the most famous, sought-after teachers of professional violinists in the world grew up in Kansas. This is the story of a woman who taught the masters.KAN 04-20
04-13-18ZACK SCHAFFERSCHAFFER FURNITURE– One of best-known commentators and personalities from television and the internet recently posted rave reviews about a gift he received. This is the story of the Kansas craftsman behind that gift.KAN 04-13 
04-06-18MARCI PENNERBIG KANSAS ROAD TRIP– The author of what is perhaps the best-known guidebook for the state of Kansas has decided that telling people about things isn’t enough – so she’s going to show them.  KAN 04-06
03-30-18DEIDRE KNIGHTCOUNCIL GROVE LIFE CENTER– A healthy body can lower your stress levels, keep you limber, and help stave off illness and injury. A Kansas entrepreneur is helping bring physical fitness and fun to her rural community.KAN 03-30 
03-23-18CARLY WHORTONCECIL K’S– When a local grocery store in a small Kansas town closed its doors, two entrepreneurs stepped up to give their community something new – but still kind of old. KAN 03-23 
03-16-18DAN HOHMANSUGAR CREEK– When was the last time you went to a grocery story that didn’t have a self-checkout lane where you scanned your own items? This is the story of an old–fashioned grocery store that harkens back to the general stores of 100 years ago. KAN 03-16
03-09-18JOHN JACKSON– Trekking from one side of the world to the other, a well–traveled diplomat and entrepreneur makes his home in a rural Kansas town while he helps Kansas agriculture feed the world.KAN 03-09
03-02-18CASEY CAGLEPRAIRIE EARTH TOURS– Some people like to show off pictures of their family, children or pets. This is the story of a man who likes to show off his home state – and he’s turned this passion into a profitable business. KAN 03-02
02-23-18CHRIS WALKEREMPORIA GAZETTE– As reading habits, media choices and news options change, how do small town newspapers keep up with the changes? Here's a glimpse into one Kansas newspaper that is both rooting down, and branching out.KAN 02-23
02-16-18WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE (PART 2)– There are four statues in the rotunda of the Kansas state capitol building in Topeka. This is the story of one of those statues – and the man it memorializes.KAN 02-16
02-09-18WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE(PART 1)– One of the most legendary, respected citizens of Kansas has a big anniversary this year. Learn more about a Kansas man who left an indelible mark on American journalism.KAN 02-09
02-02-18KYLE BAUERKFRM– Every radio has at least two bands, the FM band and the AM band. This is the story of a pair of local radio stations that continue to flourish against national radio programming trends.KAN 02-02
01-26-18KYLE BAUERKCLY–FM– In 21st century American radio broadcasting, radio stations that are truly local in personnel and programming are increasingly difficult to find. Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development, introduces us to a small town radio station that still has a very local voice.KAN 01-26
01-19-18C & R RAILROAD– The engineer and his wife are long gone, but in a north central Kansas town, the trains still run. This is the story of a man, a dream, a whole lot of trains, and the red wagon that started it all.KAN 01-19
01-12-18JAKE WORCESTERMANHATTAN MEAT MARKET– In the “Little Apple,” where can you get a great steak or roast to cook for your family? From a Manhattan business owner who offers world–class cuts of meat from the best producers in Kansas.KAN 01-12 
01-05-18JOHN McCURRYMcCURRY ANGUS– One of America’s highest–ranked cattle ranches is located in Kansas -- and it has a family tradition of filling up the trophy case.KAN 01-05