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Milk Lines

Milk Lines is co-produced by the K-State College of Agriculture and the K-State Radio Network. Each week, K-State Research and Extension dairy specialist Mike Brouk provides the latest information for today's dairy producers.  Each segment is approximately 2-minutes in length.

Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to ksrenews@ksu.edu.

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05-12-17MILK EXPORTSThe rankings for Kansas and some neighboring states in terms of their dairy product exports, and some areas of focus for milk production in order to continue to produce high quality milk for dairy products, specifically those intended for export.ML 05-12 
05-05-17JUNE IS DAIRY MONTH– With June being Dairy Month, producers are encouraged to host an open house, allowing locals to see what life on a dairy farm is like and ask questions. ML 05-05
04-28-17CUTTING QUALITY ALFALFA – Dairy producers will soon be taking that first cutting from their alfalfa stands. And that cutting should always be managed for optimum hay quality, including the time interval between the first and second cuttings.ML 04-28
04-21-17HERD FLY CONTROL– Producers are encouraged to employ all three herd fly control approaches; physical, biological and chemical, as part of a comprehensive program.ML 04-21
04-14-17ALFALFA ASH CONTENT– While putting up alfalfa hay or haylage, producers may be inadvertently adding to the ash content of that forage which can change the feed value and impact a dairy cow's productivity.  ML 04-14
04-07-17CONTROLLING HOOF WARTS - Dairy foot baths play an important role in preventing hoof warts from developing. However, dairy producers often misunderstand the capabilities of foot baths.ML 04-07
03-31-17DAIRY OF THE YEAR– This year's honorees operate a highly-productive and progressive dairy in northeast Kansas. ML 3-31
03-24-17STATE DAIRY MEETING - The Kansas Dairy Association and the Kansas Dairy Commission will be holding their joint annual meeting March 31st and April 1st.   ML 3-24
03-17-17CARRYOVER WINTER ISSUESIf the productivity of a dairy cow seems to be sub-par as spring comes on, it could be a result of carryover health problems from the winter…namely, hoof and udder afflictions. ML 3-17
03-10-17KANSAS MILK PRODUCTION - It grew in 2016, but how did it fare against other states?ML 3-10
03-03-17OPEN DAIRY COWS - Assessing the herd.ML 3-3