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Outbound: Kansas

Each week, K-State Research and Extension wildlife specialist Charlie Lee joins Eric Atkinson, agriculture director for the K-State Radio Network, to discuss a wide variety of wildlife issues of interest to farmers, ranchers, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts of all kinds.  Each feature is approximately 5-minutes in length.

Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to ksrenews@ksu.edu.

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3-17-17COTTON RATS AND PREDATORS - A recent study examined whether the number of predators of the cotton rat could be reduced by controlling the cotton rat.  OUT 3-17
3-10-17PHEASANTS AND PREDATORS - Habitat seems to have a greater impact than predators.OUT 3-10
3-3-17BLUEBIRD NEST BOXES - Tips on design and placement of nesting boxes to attract bluebirds.OUT 3-3
2-24-17FERRUGINOUS HAWK HABITAT - Energy exploration may be threatening nesting.OUT 2-24
2-17-17COYOTE-DOG CROSSES - "Coydogs" and whether they are a wildlife damage threat.OUT 2-17
2-10-17CORMORANT PROBLEMS - Controlling the damage caused by these fish-eating birds.OUT 2-10
2-3-17EARLY ROBIN ARRIVAL - They seem to have arrived early, in part due to food availability.OUT 2-3
1-27-17GAME BIRD CHICK SYSTEM - Raising chicks in captivity for later release into the wild.OUT 1-27
1-20-17HUNTING AND TRAPPING - The advantages to wildlife damage control.OUT 1-20
1-13-17JACKRABBIT CROP DAMAGE - The challenge of reducing damage to crop and forage fields.OUT 1-13
1-6-17BATS IN WINTER - Bats occasionally leave their hibernation state, but it creates little reasosn for concern.OUT 1-6
12-23-16PARASITES IN QUAIL - What research is telling us about parasitic worms and bobwhite quail populations.OUT 12-23
12-16-16ARMADILLOS AND LEPROSY - A new study looks at the extent of infestation and whether or not armadillos are a threat to wildlife or human health.OUT 12-16
12-9-16LESSER PRAIRIE CHICKEN PETITION - The on-going dispute as to the species impact on ag and energy production.OUT 12-9
12-2-16DOE INFLUENCE ON ANTLERS - A new study says a doe's genetics may affect her offspring antler scores.OUT 12-2
11-25-16COYOTES IN URBAN AREAS - Research suggests coyotes behave differently in rural and urban settings.OUT 11-25
11-18-16MANGE IN COYOTES - A look at the disease and how coyotes have thrived despite it.OUT 11-18
11-11-16DEER POPULATION CONTROL - Research into non-lethal means of sterilizing deer.OUT 11-11
11-4-16WILDLIFE INJURY BY CATS - A study reveals the wildlife most threatened by free-roaming cats.OUT 11-4