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Outbound: Kansas

Each week, K-State Research and Extension wildlife specialist Charlie Lee joins Eric Atkinson, agriculture director for the K-State Radio Network, to discuss a wide variety of wildlife issues of interest to farmers, ranchers, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts of all kinds.  Each feature is approximately 5-minutes in length.

Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to ksrenews@ksu.edu.

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05-26-17COYOTES IN URBAN AREAS– The number of coyotes migrating into suburban areas is on the rise. That can lead to conflicts with people, pets and traffic. A new study documenting what attracts coyotes into cities and towns provides some insight into what can be done to discourage this activity.  OUT 05-26
05-19-17SNAKE EXCLUSION STEPS – The weather has warmed up, and snakes are active once again. While many people are uncomfortable having snakes near their homes or outbuildings, almost all snakes are harmless.OUT 05-19
05-12-17GRASSLAND BIRD STUDY– A new study suggests that several songbird species will nest in cool-season pastures such as brome and fescue, which was not thought to be the best nesting habitat for these birds.OUT 05-12
05-05-17HOG-NOSED SNAKES– There are two species of what are called hog-nosed snakes commonly found in Kansas. And, according to wildlife officials, they are in need of conservation.  OUT 05-05
04-28-17CRAPPIE FISHING ENJOYMENT – The crappie are spawning in ponds and lakes around Kansas, marking the traditional start to the spring and summer fishing season.OUT 04-28
04-21-17RACCOON PARASITE PROBLEM– Raccoons frequently turn up in and near places inhabited by people.  That can potentially lead to a human health issue caused by an internal parasite carried by raccoons.  OUT 04-21
04-14-17CHUCK-WILL’S-WIDOW - Many Kansans will be able to hear the distinctive call of the Chuck-will’s-widow,  so named for the sound of its call. This night bird is also a prolific consumer of insects. OUT-04-14
04-07-17PADDLEFISH IN KANSAS - Paddlefish are migrating upstream for their annual spawn. This unique fish, which dates back to prehistoric times, makes for a challenging fishing experience in Kansas.  OUT 04-07
03-31-17URBAN BIRD DIVERSITY - A recent survey discovered what many wildlife enthusiasts did not expect:  that the variety of bird species in urbanized settings is far greater than thought.  OUT 3-31
03-24-17DEVELOPING TROPHY DEER – A simulation study conducted by Mississippi State University looked at turning genetically-managed pen-raised deer out, and the resulting impact on large-antlered deer numbers.  OUT 3-24
03-17-17COTTON RATS AND PREDATORS - A recent study examined whether the number of predators of the cotton rat could be reduced by controlling the cotton rat.  OUT 3-17
03-10-17PHEASANTS AND PREDATORS - Habitat seems to have a greater impact than predators.OUT 3-10
03-03-17BLUEBIRD NEST BOXES - Tips on design and placement of nesting boxes to attract bluebirds.OUT 3-3