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The President's Corner

Featured commentary from the Kansas State University president, and hosted by Richard Baker.

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03-16-18BUDGET AND ENROLLMENT– The budget for Kansas State University is one of the items before the Kansas Legislature that has the attention of many in Manhattan. According to K-State president Richard Myers, much of the concern stems from lawmakers also having to deal with K-12 – a budget the State Supreme Court says must be increased. The K-State Radio Network’s Richard Baker has more.PC 03-16
12-22-17IMPACTS OF CONGRESS AND KANSAS LEGISLATURE– Both the U.S. Congress and Kansas Legislature face legislative issues that could have an impact on Kansas State University. In addition, K-State president Richard Myers recently spoke before a Congressional committee about different threats to U.S. agriculture. The K-State Radio Network’s Richard Baker has more.PC 12-22 
12-01-17KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY UNITES– Several thousand Kansas State University students, staff and faculty recently gathered on the lawn in front of Anderson Hall for an event titled “KSUnite” – which served as a reminder to celebrate our differences, show compassion for others, stand up for what’s right and defeat hatred. K-State president Richard Myers says the gathering was driven in part by events in the community and around the nation. The K-State Radio Network’s Richard Baker has more.PC 12-01
10-27-17IMPACTS OF LOW ENROLLMENT– When the numbers for this fall’s enrollment were finalized, Kansas State University found itself in a financial bind. But the university’s president, Richard Myers, says the school can and will deal with the situation. The K-State Radio Network’s Richard Baker has more.PC 10-27 
06-09-17STATEWIDE IMPACT OF KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY– The Kansas House and Senate have overridden a veto by Governor Sam Brownback of a bill raising state income taxes by 1-point-2 billion dollars over two years to fill a gaping hole in state revenue and to improve funding of public education. Kansas State University president Richard Myers says this was a critical first step for all education in Kansas. PC 06-09
04-28-17BUDGET AND ANTI-SEMITIC PROBLEMS– Kansas legislators have yet to give the Kansas Board of Regents institutions their 2018 budgets. The president of Kansas State University says he isn't quite sure whether or not he should be worried. PC 04-28
3-24-17BUDGETS AND GUNS - At this point, Kansas State University president Richard Myers says the budgets for Regents’ institutions appear to be holding steady, but concealed carry of firearms remains firmly in place.PC 3-24
12-23-16Looking ahead - Kansas State University has a new president as retired General Richard Myers takes over the university helm.  Previously, President Myers said he was here only as the interim, managing and working to prepare the road for the next (and 14th) president of Kansas State University.PC 12-23