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Tree Tales

Tree Tales provides advice on tree care issues, tree selection and planting, and upcoming events and publications from the Kansas Forest Service.  Each segment is approximately 2-minutes in length, and is presented by forestry experts from the Kansas Forest Service.

Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to ksrenews@ksu.edu.

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07-21-17SAND HILL PLUM– A well-adapted and prolifically-fruiting shrub, sand hill plum makes is a great addition to any conservation tree planting. In addition, K-State forester Bob Atchison says the sand hill plum is a source of food and cover for wildlife.TT 07-21
07-14-17SHADE TREE PLANNING– K-State forester Charlie Barden says now is definitely not the time to plant a new shade tree in the home landscape.  However, mid-summer is an excellent opportunity to look around and see where a shade tree would be beneficial. TT 07-14
07-07-17TREE FARM PROGRAM– K-State forester Bob Atchison says Kansas landowners who are truly devoted to preserving and managing the tree resources on their property may qualify for technical assistance through the American Tree Farm System.TT 07-07
06-30-17SUMMER TREE WATERING– During long stretches of dry summer weather, even established young trees may need supplemental watering to get them through the season in good shape. K-State forester Charlie Barden explains how to check trees for watering needs and how to properly water them.TT 06-30
06-23-17PRESCRIBED BURNING VALUE– Prescribed burning can be a benefit in tree resource management. Bob Atchison says the Kansas Forest Service is currently conducting research on this management approach.TT 06-23
06-16-17EARLY SUMMER PRUNING– K-State Research and Extension forester Charles Barden explains why some older trees or trees with excessive branch growth can benefit from an early summer pruning.TT 06-16
06-09-17COST-SHARE TREE PROGRAM– K-State forester Bob Atchison says landowners whose property adjoins streams and rivers that feed the major reservoirs in eastern Kansas may be eligible for cost-share assistance for planting streambank-stabilizing trees.TT 06-09
06-02-17TREE FUNGAL DISEASES– K-State forester Charlie Barden says the wet spring may well have prompted an array of fungal diseases appearing on landscape and conservation tree plantings, especially if they .   TT 06-02
05-26-17AGROFORESTRY FIELD DAY– K-State forester Bob Atchison shares the educational workshops for the June 8th field day in Washington County. TT 05-26
05-19-17MANAGING TREE RESOURCESK-State forester Jarren Tindle urges landowners to consult with the Kansas Forest Service to better manage the tree resources on their property. TT 05-19
05-12-17CEDAR APPLE RUST FUNGUS– K-State forest health specialist Ryan Armbrust says eastern red cedar trees are displaying symptoms associated with the cedar apple rust fungus.TT 05-12
05-05-17WALNUT COUNCIL FIELD DAYK-State forester Bob Atchison previews the Kansas Walnut Council's annual field day on June 2nd. TT 05-05
04-28-17DIVERSE TREE PLANTING - K-State forest health specialist Ryan Armbrust says before adding new trees to your home setting or farmstead this spring, consider the species you’re planting.TT 04-28
04-21-17CELEBRATING ARBOR DAY – K-State forester Charlie Barden reflects on the origins of Arbor Day, and offers some ideas of what can be done to commemorate the occasion on April 28th. TT 04-21
04-14-17APPRAISING WINDBREAKS AND SHELTERBELTS - K-State forester Bob Atchison has information on conservation tree appraisal, including windbreaks and shelterbelts.TT 04-14
04-07-17TREE WATERING ADVICE - K-State forest health specialist Ryan Armbrust offers some simple steps to ensure the water needs of young, as well as mature, trees are met.TT 04-07