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Weather Wonders

Kansas State climatologist Mary Knapp offers this weekly series of short programs on weather phenomena and recent meteorological events in Kansas.  Each segment is approximately 1-minute in length.

Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to ksrenews@ksu.edu.

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04-21-17HIGHEST APRIL TEMPERATURES - April is typically thought of as a rainy month, not a hot month. However, it can get pretty warm.WW1-04-21
04-21-17UNDERSTANDING THE DEW POINT - Compared to relative humidity, dew point is frequently cited as a more accurate way of measuring the humidity and comfort of air.WW2-04-21
04-21-17KANSAS COULD STILL SEE A FREEZE - The last day for a freeze varies across Kansas. However, according to historical data, the state could still see a freeze over the next 45 days.WW3-04-21
04-14-17WATER QUALITY - Kansans have long seen the value of protecting the state’s water supply. WW1 04-14
04-14-17WEATHER SATELLITE DATA - The technology that provides weather data and forecasting is now more sophisticated than ever before. WW2 04-14
04-14-17THE MILLION DOLLAR TORNADO OF 1889 - A look back at one of the first severe storms in Kansas to do major financial damage. WW3 04-14
04-07-17TYPES OF FLOODING - Some types of flooding are directly associated with winter weather.WW1 04-07
04-07-17FLASH FLOODING - If proper precautions aren't taken, this type of flooding could prove deadly.WW2 04-07
04-07-17VIRGA - This type of precipitation is often seen but not felt.WW3 04-07
3-31-17APRIL SHOWERS, MAY FLOWERS - The increased moisture and warmer temperatures of April lead to May’s spring blooms.WW1 3-31
3-31-17PHENOLOGY – Seasonal changes lead to changes in plants which is all part of bio-climatic science.WW2 3-31
3-31-17MONITORING RAINFALL - Collecting weather records requires volunteers in many locations across Kansas.WW3 3-31
3-24-17WINTER MAY NOT BE OVER - Some of Kansas’s worst winter weather has occurred after the official start of spring.WW1 3-24
3-24-17DUST STORMS AHEAD? - The current conditions in western Kansas could lead to some troubling dust storm activity.WW2 3-24
3-24-17EQUINOX WINDS---WEATHER PREDICTOR? -  Does wind direction at the turn of the season predict the type of weather to expect in upcoming seasons?WW3 3-24
 3-17-17VERNAL EQUINOX - How the path of the sun signals the beginning of spring.WW1 3-17
3-17-17 TORNADO CHAMPS - Kansas does not lead the nation in terms of numbers of tornadoes.WW2 3-17
3-17-17RECORD MARCH SNOWFALL - More than 100 years ago, Kansas City received a record snowfall.WW3 3-17
3-10-17DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME - The origin of this time shift.WW1 3-10
3-10-17LONGER DAYS, MORE STORMS - More sunshine, more opportunities for storms.WW2 3-10
3-10-17THUNDERSTORM WINDS - Storm winds can be as damaging as tornadoes.WW3 3-10
3-3-17WEATHER ADVISORIES - Don't ignore those that are not called "severe."WW1 3-3
3-3-17ANIMALS ADAPTING TO WEATHER - What animals do to avoid weather extremes.WW2 3-3
3-3-17MARCH CAN STILL TURN COLD - Winter is not yet over.WW3 3-3
2-24-17KANSAS DUST STORM OF 1997 - A storm affected much of the central U.S.WW1 2-24
2-24-17IN LIKE A LION - March may not go "out like a lamb."WW2 2-24
2-24-17BEHAVIOR AFFECTED BY WIND?  Do people and animals change due to high winds?WW3 2-24
2-17-17WILDFIRE AWARENESS WEEK - Fire safety should always be a priority.WW1 2-17
2-17-17GRASSLAND FIRE DANGER INDEX - Before starting a grassland fire, check the index for danger levels.WW2 2-17
2-17-17WILDFIRES IN KANSAS - Wildfires happen regularly in Kansas, but a couple of devastating ones come to mind.WW3 2-17
2-10-17VALENTINE'S DAY WEATHER - A wide range of possibilities, including dangerous winter storms.WW1 2-10
2-10-17RED FLAG WARNING - Windy, dry conditions can lead to fire danger, even in winter.WW2 2-10
2-10-17CLOUD FORMATIONS - The different types and what they indicate, weather-wise.WW3 2-10
2-3-17DISAPPEARING ICE - How frozen water can disappear without melting.WW1 2-3
2-3-17WEATHER RECORDS ACCURACY - A record event may or may not be significant.WW2 2-3
2-3-17BLIZZARD OF 1993 -  A major weather event in northwest Kansas.WW3 2-3
1-27-17SNOWY JANUARYS - The snowiest first months on record.WW1 1-27
1-27-172011 WINTER STORM - A record storm 6 years ago.WW2 1-27
1-27-17HYPOTHERMIA - There are two types of this dangerous health condition.WW3 1-27
1-20-17SINGULARITY - Some weather events seem to occur like clockwork.WW1 1-20
1-20-17FREEZE-THAW CYCLE - Temperature ranges can vary around the country.WW2 1-20
1-20-17FREEZING RAIN - More than temperature determine the type of precipitation.WW3 1-20
1-13-17PINEAPPLE EXPRESS - The system may bring more moisture to Kansas the next few days.WW1 1-13
1-13-17SNOW ROLLERS - Wind-blown snowballs are not that uncommon.WW2 1-13
1-13-17ICE THICKNESS AND WEIGHT - How much weight ice can support varies.WW3 1-13
1-6-17JANUARY 9TH STORM - A record storm in NE Kansas 23 years ago. WW1 1-6
1-6-17THUNDER SNOW - Thunder and snowfall can occur at the same time. WW2 1-6
1-6-171880's BLIZZARDS - The decade of two of the most deadly storms in Kansas history.WW3 1-6