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The Wheat Scoop is a weekly news feature from the Kansas Wheat Commission, informing wheat farmers, the grain industry and the public about the marketing and utilization of Kansas wheat. Hosted by Marsha Boswell, the features cover a wide range of topics, from breeding new wheat varieties to domestic and international utilization, as well as new uses, nutrition and trends in domestic and international wheat foods and wheat flour consumption.  Each edition is approximately 4-minutes in length.

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11-09-18TELLING WHEAT’S STORY– Helping the public become more familiar with the wheat industry and wheat-based foods has been the mission of a special outreach effort which is now entering its second year.  Its first year has been deemed a resounding success. Jordan Hildebrand has more.WS 11-09
11-02-18SUPPORTING WHEAT RESEARCH– The Kansas wheat industry can boast of a world-class facility in the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center, which is based at Kansas State University.  As the center continues to grow in its ability to conduct cutting-edge wheat research, it also continues to need support. And this would be a good time for producers to give that consideration. Jordan Hildebrand explains.WS 11-02
10-26-18ASSESSING TRADE POLICY– Recent positive developments in U.S. trade relationships with other countries have served to ease some of the anxiety over current trade policy.  That’s according to U.S. Wheat Associates, the international wheat marketing agency sponsored by state wheat commissions.  By the same token, uncertainty about what’s next on the trade front remains. Marsha Boswell has more. WS 10-26
10-19-18WOMEN MANAGING THE FARM– From estate planning to the latest in production agriculture technology, and everything in between, will be covered in the 2019 Women Managing the Farm Conference, which takes place this coming February in Manhattan, Kansas. This outstanding program continues to grow in popularity, and registrations are being taken now. Marsha Boswell provides a full preview of the event.WS 10-19
10-12-18WHEAT DEVELOPMENT ADVANCES– Thanks to rapid and unprecedented advances in technology, the wheat breeding program at Kansas State University is on the cusp of major strides forward in variety development.  And, according to Marsha Boswell, the relative swiftness in new variety releases could well be impressive.                         WS 10-12
10-05-18NATIONAL FESTIVAL OF BREADS– Once again, the Kansas Wheat Commission will co-sponsor and host the National Festival of Breads in 2019. This event has grown into the nation’s premier bread-baking competition, and recipe entries are now being taken.  Marsha Boswell has more.WS 10-05
09-28-18NEW EXPORT OPPORTUNITIES– With Australia unable to meet its export demand for the white wheat they grow, Kansas wheat farmers have the opportunity to increase exports to meet that international demand. Marsha Boswell reports. WS 09-28
09-21-18CLUTTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP– A history of leadership, service and academic excellence helped Maria Kimzey of Fredonia receive the 2018 Herb Clutter Memorial Scholarship, awarded by the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers. Jordan Hildebrand has more.WS 09-21
09-14-18WHEAT VARIETY SELECTIONS– The wheat breeding program at Kansas State University has generated numerous new varieties over the past several years that are living up to their promise in Kansas fields.  One of the agronomists largely responsible for their development has been monitoring their performance, and offers his variety recommendations to producers. Marsha Boswell has more. WS 09-14
09-07-18WHEAT GENE EDITING– Researchers at Kansas State University have been pioneering new advances in wheat improvement via a process called gene editing.  And now, through the Kansas Wheat Commission, wheat producers have made a major commitment to assuring that work continues to move forward.  Marsha Boswell has the story.WS 09-07 
08-31-18FEED THE FUTURE SUPPORT– Several years ago. The U.S. Agency for International Development invested in special research initiatives at Kansas State University called the Feed the Future Innovation Laboratories.  These were created to address specific food and hunger causes around the world.  And these have succeeded to the extent that the USAID recently renewed its support for these laboratories.  Marsha Boswell has the details.WS 08-31 
08-24-18WHEAT VIRUS STEWARDSHIP– Last year, wheat streak mosaic virus ravaged a large part of the Kansas wheat crop, especially in western Kansas. This year, the disease was far less prevalent…but that doesn’t mean producers should let their guard down. Taking cultural steps before and at planting time will go a long way toward keeping wheat streak mosaic at bay, as Marsha Boswell explains. WS 08-24
08-17-18WHEAT GENOME ADVANCE– Another milestone in wheat genetics research has been reached, as a team of international scientists, led by Kansas State University researchers, have successfully sequenced a key wheat genome.  This will now open the door to rapid development of new, highly-productive wheat varieties which can perform in a wide spectrum of growing conditions.  Marsha Boswell has the story. WS 08-17
08-10-18STATE FAIR EVENTS– The Kansas wheat industry will once again be featured prominently at the 2018 Kansas State Fair.  It’s set for September 7th-16th at the Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.  And producers are encouraged to contribute to the presence of wheat at this year’s state fair. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 08-10 
08-03-18I-G-P OUTREACH SUCCESS– Begun in the 1970s, the I-G-P Institute at Kansas State University has reached thousands of international grain customers and users with its educational outreach…introducing them to information that will encourage them to purchase U.S.-produced grains. And the program’s success is well documented, as it continues to grow. Jordan Hildebrand has more.WS 08-03 
07-27-18LATIN AMERICA WHEAT MARKET– Recently, representatives of the U.S. wheat industry traveled to South America, reaching out to wheat buyers from the Latin America region.  The opportunity to further develop the market in that area appears promising, according to those who took part. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 07-27 
07-20-18CERTIFIED WHEAT SEED– A wheat crop is only as good as the seed from which it emerged. That’s the ongoing reason for planting quality seed, and the best way to assure that is by using certified seed. Jordan Hildebrand reminds producers of the advantages certified wheat seed provides.WS 07-20
07-13-18FOOD BLOGGERS REACTION– Several weeks ago, Kansas Wheat hosted a number of well-known social media food writers, introducing them to all stages of the wheat industry in Kansas. Since then, these writers have shared their experiences with their audiences. Marsha Boswell provides a follow-up. WS 07-13
07-06-18FLOUR MILLER TRAINING– With all the recent rancor about agricultural trade, positive stories about promoting trade are most welcome.  One such example was the recent flour milling short course for wheat buyers from two African countries conducted by the I-G-P Institute at Kansas State University.  Marsha Boswell provides a recap of that event.WS 07-06 
06-29-18TRADE RESTRICTION COMPLICATIONS– A number of trade actions have been taken lately in the cause of national security. According to the organization which promotes U.S. wheat exports around the world, that is a faulty strategy which is leading to negative consequences for U.S. agriculture. Marsha Boswell has more. WS 06-29
06-22-18AFRICAN WHEAT BUYERS– Historically, several African countries have been highly-reliable customers of Kansas-grown hard red winter wheat.  A team of wheat buyers from that region were recently in the state, learning more about what Kansas wheat growers have to offer this year.  Marsha Boswell has more. WS 06-22
06-15-18LEARNING ABOUT WHEAT– A group of non-farm social media communicators recently got a first-hand view of what wheat production and research and wheat food preparation are all about.  They traveled to Kansas as the guests of Kansas Wheat.  Marsha Boswell has more.WS 06-15
06-08-18BREAD SCULPTURE CONTEST– The Kansas Wheat Commission is partnering with the Kansas State Fair to host the inaugural Bread Sculpture Contest. According to Cindy Falk, nutrition educator for Kansas Wheat, bread sculptures are a beautiful way to mix art and science. Marsha Boswell covers the rules of the contest and how the breads will be judged. WS 06-08
06-01-18U.S. AG SECRETARY VISITS KANSAS– U.S. Secretary Sonny Perdue made Kansas a stop on his “Back to Our Roots” Tour on May 30th to meet with farmers. As part of the tour, Perdue and Senators Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran held a panel discussion at the Agricultural Roundup at River Creek Farms near Manhattan. Marcia Boswell has more. WS 06-01
05-25-18WHEAT GENETIC PROGRESS– The internationally-renowned Wheat Genetics Resource Center at Kansas State University recently showcased the latest advances in genetic improvement of wheat varieties at a special field day just outside Manhattan, Kansas.  Jordan Hildebrand has more. WS 05-25
05-18-18WHEAT STORM DAMAGE– In large parts of western Kansas, the winter wheat crop has had a rough go of it, virtually since it was planted.  The drought set it back considerably…and more recently, violent hail storms finished numerous stands off for good.  Marsha Boswell has the story. WS 05-18
05-11-18KANSAS WHEAT DAY– Advances in wheat variety development and wheat production practices will be on full display at the 2018 Kansas Wheat Day, sponsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission and hosted by K-State’s Agricultural Research Center at Hays. Marsha Boswell has a preview. WS 05-11
05-04-18WHEAT TOUR RESULTS– The 2018 Hard Winter Wheat Tour of Kansas and adjoining states is now in the books.  And the overall conclusion from the tour was no surprise…the wheat crop in Kansas will likely fall well short of normal production.  Marsha Boswell has more.WS 05-04
04-27-18WHEAT MANAGEMENT SURVEY– Wheat growers can learn from their peers around the state about improving wheat yields.  That’s the premise behind a new statewide survey being conducted by a K-State agronomy researcher, and sponsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission.  Marsha Boswell has more.WS 04-27 
04-20-18FARM BILL PROPOSAL– The U.S. House Agriculture Committee has officially marked up its version of the 2018 Farm Bill, which eventually will earn floor debate in the full House.  Within it are assorted provisions that would likely work to the benefit of wheat producers. Marsha Boswell has more.                                                  WS 04-20
04-13-18WHEAT FREEZE DAMAGE– Recent hard freezes have brought into question the condition of the Kansas winter wheat crop, which has already been under duress from persistent dry conditions. K-State agronomists have sized up the factors that typically contribute to wheat freeze damage, and have offered an assessment. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 04-13
04-06-18WHEAT YIELD CONTEST– Entries are now being taken for the 2018 National Wheat Yield Contest, where growers can vie for top honors in wheat production prowess. This competition also serves as a showcase for production practices that can maximize crop performance. Marsha Boswell has more. WS 04-06