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The Wheat Scoop is a weekly news feature from the Kansas Wheat Commission, informing wheat farmers, the grain industry and the public about the marketing and utilization of Kansas wheat. Hosted by Marsha Boswell, the features cover a wide range of topics, from breeding new wheat varieties to domestic and international utilization, as well as new uses, nutrition and trends in domestic and international wheat foods and wheat flour consumption.  Each edition is approximately 4-minutes in length.

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05-18-18WHEAT STORM DAMAGE– In large parts of western Kansas, the winter wheat crop has had a rough go of it, virtually since it was planted.  The drought set it back considerably…and more recently, violent hail storms finished numerous stands off for good.  Marsha Boswell has the story. WS 05-18
05-11-18KANSAS WHEAT DAY– Advances in wheat variety development and wheat production practices will be on full display at the 2018 Kansas Wheat Day, sponsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission and hosted by K-State’s Agricultural Research Center at Hays. Marsha Boswell has a preview. WS 05-11
05-04-18WHEAT TOUR RESULTS– The 2018 Hard Winter Wheat Tour of Kansas and adjoining states is now in the books.  And the overall conclusion from the tour was no surprise…the wheat crop in Kansas will likely fall well short of normal production.  Marsha Boswell has more.WS 05-04
04-27-18WHEAT MANAGEMENT SURVEY– Wheat growers can learn from their peers around the state about improving wheat yields.  That’s the premise behind a new statewide survey being conducted by a K-State agronomy researcher, and sponsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission.  Marsha Boswell has more.WS 04-27 
04-20-18FARM BILL PROPOSAL– The U.S. House Agriculture Committee has officially marked up its version of the 2018 Farm Bill, which eventually will earn floor debate in the full House.  Within it are assorted provisions that would likely work to the benefit of wheat producers. Marsha Boswell has more.                                                  WS 04-20
04-13-18WHEAT FREEZE DAMAGE– Recent hard freezes have brought into question the condition of the Kansas winter wheat crop, which has already been under duress from persistent dry conditions. K-State agronomists have sized up the factors that typically contribute to wheat freeze damage, and have offered an assessment. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 04-13
04-06-18WHEAT YIELD CONTEST– Entries are now being taken for the 2018 National Wheat Yield Contest, where growers can vie for top honors in wheat production prowess. This competition also serves as a showcase for production practices that can maximize crop performance. Marsha Boswell has more. WS 04-06
03-30-18KANSAS WHEAT TOUR– In just a few weeks, stakeholders in the wheat industry, including farmers, will fan out across Kansas to assess the state’s 2018 wheat crop. And registrations are being taken now for this year’s Hard Winter Wheat Tour.  Marsha Boswell has more.WS 03-30
03-23-18WHEAT RESEARCH FUNDING– Recently, a group of wheat producers, leading wheat scientists and others involved in the wheat industry traveled to Washington, D.C.  While meeting with lawmakers, they stated the case for enhanced federal funding for wheat-based research. Marsha Boswell has more. WS 03-23 
03-16-18WHEAT RESEARCH FACILITY– The expansion of the research facilities at the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center was recently dedicated. The addition will enhance wheat genetics research capabilities at the center, located on the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan. Marsha Boswell discusses the possibilities.WS 03-16
03-09-18REJOINING THE T-P-P– The countries that make up the Trans-Pacific Partnership have moved forward with that trade accord without the participation of the United States.  As that pact is about to be signed, wheat industry leaders are strongly urging U.S. trade officials to rejoin the T-P-P.  Marsha Boswell explains why.                                 WS 03-09
03-02-18WHEAT GENE EDITING– Utilizing a specific gene-editing process, researchers at Kansas State University have found an important pathway to more rapid improvement of wheat variety traits.  Marsha Boswell has the full story. WS 03-02
02-16-18FARM FINANCIAL STRESS– The tight economic margins in production agriculture are putting mental and emotional stress on many producers.  In times like these, Marsha Boswell says an advisory service out of Kansas State University becomes even more valuable. WS 02-16
02-09-18NEW WHEAT VARIETY– Wheat growers in the central plains will soon have another wheat variety to consider for planting. And, as Jordan Hildebrand reports, it bears the name of a leading statesmen from Kansas.WS 02-09
02-02-18PROMINENT TRADE ISSUES– The agricultural sector has been keenly attuned to international trade deliberations for several months running.  And trade was definitely the lead theme at the recent Kansas Commodity Classic which took place in Manhattan.  Marsha Boswell has a recap.WS 02-02
01-26-18WHEAT FOODS AND FITNESS– While personal fitness advisers and trainers know a lot about getting in shape, they may know very little about how nutrition factors in.  The Wheat Foods Council is acting to fill that informational void, emphasizing that wheat-based foods are very much part of physical fitness. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 01-26 
01-19-18KANSAS WHEAT SCHOLARSHIP– Applications are now being taken for a special scholarship from Kansas Wheat for a young person who wishes to further their education in the field of agriculture.  This scholarship was established in honor of one of the pioneer leaders in the Kansas wheat industry. Marsha Boswell has the details. WS 01-19
01-12-18KANSAS COMMODITY CLASSIC– Discussions over the makeup of the 2018 Farm Bill have already begun. Kansas farmers can hear about the latest developments in that arena, and much more, at the 2018 Kansas Commodity Classic scheduled for the last Friday of this month. Marsha Boswell provides a preview.WS 01-12
01-05-18EXPANDED WHEAT RESEARCH– The Kansas Wheat Innovation Center, located on the Kansas State University campus, has just expanded its capacity for facilitating cutting-edge wheat-based research. This will allow scientists to make even greater progress on the wheat production challenges of the present…and future. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 01-05