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The Wheat Scoop is a weekly news feature from the Kansas Wheat Commission, informing wheat farmers, the grain industry and the public about the marketing and utilization of Kansas wheat. Hosted by Marsha Boswell, the features cover a wide range of topics, from breeding new wheat varieties to domestic and international utilization, as well as new uses, nutrition and trends in domestic and international wheat foods and wheat flour consumption.  Each edition is approximately 4-minutes in length.

Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to ksrenews@ksu.edu.

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10-13-17WEIGHING IN ON TRADE– With the North America Free Trade Agreement currently under renegotiation, and other trade deals potentially in line for the same, wheat industry leaders are again urging U.S. trade representatives to refrain from harming agricultural trade interests. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 10-13
10-06-17CROP INSURANCE TESTIMONY– A wheat industry leader from northwest Kansas has offered his response to proposals put forth at a recent farm policy summit that he says would be greatly detrimental to Kansas wheat farmers and crop producers in general. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 10-06
09-29-17CHINA TRADE STANCE– The U.S. has recently taken a strong stand on trade issues with China.  And national wheat leaders are applauding that, saying that U.S. wheat growers deserve fair and improved access to the Chinese market. Jordan Hildebrand has more.   WS 09-29
09-22-17WHEAT MARKET PROMOTION– A move is afoot in Congress to fortify federal support for international agriculture marketing programs…initiatives that have proven greatly beneficial to the wheat industry.  Marsha Boswell has the story on this week’s Kansas Wheat Scoop.WS 09-22
09-15-17KANSAS WHEAT QUALITY WINNER– Careful management practices not only produce high yielding, high quality wheat, they also can make you the winning entry in the Kansas Wheat Yield Contest’s Quality Initiative competition. Jordan Hildebrand has more.WS 09-15
09-08-17WHEAT AT THE FAIR– The 2017 Kansas State Fair is underway in Hutchinson.  And once again, Kansas wheat production will be prominently displayed at several venues across the fairgrounds.  Marsha Boswell has more. WS 09-08
09-01-17HONORING SENATOR DOLE– A move is afoot in Congress to establish a permanent recognition of one of Kansas’ leading statesman, Senator Bob Dole.  Among his many accomplishments has been support for a prominent international food aid program. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 09-01
08-25-17WHEAT CONTEST WINNERS– Three individuals have just been named the winners of the 2017 Kansas Wheat Yield Contest.  Marsha Boswell talks about their achievement.WS 08-25
08-18-17WHEAT SCHOLARSHIP WINNER– A highly-accomplished student from northwest Kansas who has developed a passion for agriculture in recent years has been awarded a prestigious scholarship from the Kansas wheat industry. Marsha Boswell has her story. WS 08-18
08-11-17WHEAT VIRUS CAMPAIGN– At a recent informational seminar for wheat producers, one topic dominated a great deal of the discussion: how to contend with the wheat streak mosaic disease problem which ravaged wheat fields in the western half of Kansas this year. Marsha Boswell reports.WS 08-11
08-04-17VOLUNTEER WHEAT CONTROL– The “Stop the Streak” campaign is very much underway in Kansas.  The aim is to encourage wheat growers to control their volunteer wheat ahead of planting this fall, in a concerted effort to reduce the potential for wheat streak mosaic disease in the 2018 crop. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 08-04
07-28-17FARM BILL TESTIMOMY– The latest round of testimony on the make-up of the 2018 Farm Bill recently took place in Washington. It focused on the risk management elements of federal farm policy…and Kansas wheat producer interests were well represented in that session.  Jordan Hildebrand provides a recap.WS 07-28
07-21-17U.S. WHEAT LEADER– A native Kansan and former administrator of the International Grains Program at Kansas State University has been named to a major leadership post with the nation’s primary wheat marketing agency…based in part on his long and successful background in the milling industry.  Jordan Hildebrand has more.WS 07-21
07-14-17ANCIENT WHEAT LINES– Wheat researchers at Kansas State University are turning back the clock, in a big way, in the quest for favorable genetic traits for the next generation of wheat varieties. Marsha Boswell explains.WS 07-14
07-07-17WHEAT QUALITY PROJECT– Marsha Boswell says a new major grant from the USDA and Kansas wheat growers will allow researchers at Kansas State University to take the next big step toward developing wheat varieties with improved milling and baking traits at a greatly accelerated rate WS 07-07
06-30-17STUMPING FOR NAFTA– Wheat industry leaders recently addressed lawmakers about the merits of maintaining strong trade relationships with Canada and Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Marsha Boswell has more. WS 06-30
06-23-17WINNING BREAD BAKER– The 2017 National Festival of Breads, co-sponsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission, just concluded in Manhattan. Marsha Boswell has a recap on the event and its winners.WS 06-23
06-16-17AFRICAN WHEAT BUYERS– Another group of wheat buyers from Nigeria and South Africa will spend time in Kansas this month, observing the wheat harvest and learning how U.S. wheat can best serve their flour-milling needs. Marsha Boswell has more.WS 06-16
06-09-17SUPPORTING FOOD AID In the wake of the Trump administration’s proposal to severely cut funding for USDA food aid programs, a Kansas wheat farmer made the case for sustaining those programs before lawmakers on Capitol Hill recently.  Marsha Boswell has a recap of his comments.WS 06-09
06-02-17WHEAT GENETICS ADVANCES– As evident again this year, there are challenges in successfully growing wheat in the Central Plains.  Marsha Boswell says one particular research center at Kansas State University continues its quest to address those challenges.  WS 06-02