K-State Research and Extension
The Official Wordmark for K-State Research and Extension

The K-State Research and Extension wordmark is for official uses only. You may not download this wordmark from a web page for any use. Please request an official copy of the wordmark by sending email to ksrelogos@ksu.edu. You should indicate the following:

  • Your name/office/phone number
  • Digital format you would like, including color or black and white
  • Your intended use of the wordmark (name the specific project)


The official wordmarks for
K-State Research and Extension



Branding>Logo, July 1 2011 Branding>Wordmark, Small

Wordmark with spirit mark (Powercat)

Wordmark without
spirit mark


Guidelines for the official slogan

Questions about K-State Research and Extension's branding guidelines can be directed to communications, 785-532-5851 or ksrelogos@ksu.edu

Direct inquiries related to use of the university Powercat and wordmark to Trademark Licensing at 785-532-6269, or logos@k-state.edu.

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