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Agent Associations


DSA - Distinguished Service Award & AA - Achievement Award

These two awards recognize agents for their excellence in Extension educational programs. The AA award is presented to members with less than 10 years of experience. The DSA is awarded to members with more than 10 years of experience. You must apply to win these awards! These awards are handled by the Professional Excellence committee.

Following are links to copies of both forms, in Acrobat PDF and MS Word format. If you want either form in WordPerfect format, contact Keith VanSkike or Chuck Otte. Completed forms need to be returned to the state chairman:

Keith VanSkike
Norton County Extension Office
100 S Norton St
Norton, KS 67654-2197

AA Form: doc  | pdf
DSA Form: doc  | pdf

Kansas DSA and AA Past Winners

Communications Award

Agents communicate in various forms to clientele. Therefore there are 14 different communication award areas you can apply for. Entries must be completed via the NACAA website by March 1. Award categories include: audio recordings, published photo & caption, computer generated graphics presentation with script, program promotional piece, personal column, feature story, individual newsletter, team newsletter, video recordings, fact sheet, publication, website/online content, learning module/notebook, and bound book.

Program Recognition Award

Agents have some wonderful programs across the state. Here is your chance to highlight what you're doing. Entries must be completed via the NACAA website by March 15. Award categories include: 4-H, crop production, farm and ranch financial management, farm health and safety, landscape horticulture, livestock production, forestry & natural resources, young, beginning, or small farmers/ranchers, and sustainable agriculture research education (SARE).


To showcase work by giving members the opportunity to present posters at the Annual Meeting/Professional Improvement Conference. The AM/PIC poster session provides an opportunity for authors to discuss with fellow members how they identified an educational or research need in their community and how the need was addressed and the observed results.
This award program has two categories to recognize members:
Applied Research - gives individuals an opportunity to present a poster on applied research they conducted.
Extension Education - gives members an opportunity to present a poster on new or different educational methods or technologies they have used. Applications must be submitted by March 15 to the NACAA website.

KACAA Educational Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to honor Kansas Association of County Agricultural Agents (KACAA) and to provide financial assistance to KACAA active members, spouses, and children who are students properly enrolled in any curriculum at Kansas State University.

Funds to establish the scholarship represent gifts from KACAA members and a transfer of funds raised by KACAA members to support the 2011 Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference that was held in Overland Park, KS. The annual available earnings from the principal and any contributions to the expendable balance will be the basis for the awards.

Recipients will be selected by K-State's General Scholarship Committee, based on recommendations from the KACAA Scholarship Committee and Policy Committee, or by the General Scholarship Committee if recommendations are not provided by June 1 annually.

The following link will take students to the K-State Scholarship Network (KSN) where they will sign in with their K-State user ID and password and can complete scholarship applications. https://k-state.academicworks.com

Congratulations to the 2023 recipients:
Ty Griffin, son of Jason Griffin
Ryan McClure, son of Greg McClure
Brody Nemecek, son of Carla Nemecek