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Life Insurance Plan

KACAA "Life Insurance" Plan

This is a voluntary plan. It is designed to allow members of the Kansas Association of County Agricultural Agents (KACAA) to contribute to the welfare of bereaved extension members families. A voluntary pledge of contributions has been set up. This is available for all members, their spouses, and their children (under the age of 18) if they care to participate. Only those KACAA members signing this pledge are eligible for benefits.

The Vice-President of KACAA is responsible for management of this plan. To sign up you will need to obtain a copy of the Pledge Form, fill it out and sign it, keep a copy for yourself and send a copy to the Vice-President. If you have questions or wish to sign up contact:

Katelyn Barthol
Marais des Cygnes District
(913) 795-2829