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Agent Associations

Distinguished Service and Continued Excellence Awards

 These awards are selected locally, but recognized nationally.  Kansas is able to select 2 for each award per year.   

  Qualified applicants must fill out the DSA Application on the NEAFCS website and then be selected by the state awards committee.  (The applications will not be reviewed by NEAFCS)  The only way to get the names in the system is for people to apply themselves. 


  • Distinguished Service Award (DSA) requires 10 years as an Extension Agent and membership in KEAFCS.
  • Continued Excellence (CE) requires 12 years as an Extension Agent, previously receiving the DSA, attending 3 National Meetings and membership in KEAFCS. 

Past Award Winners:


            DSA – Janice St. Clair and Deanna Turner

            CEA – none


            DSA – Melinda Daily and Mary Sullivan

            CEA – Carla Morrical-Frederking


            DSA – Crystal Bashford and Connie Bretz

            CEA – Susan Krumm and Kathryn Luper-Nielsen


            DSA – Nancy Honig and Susan Jackson

            CEA – Nancy Nelson


            DSA – Cindy Evans and Nadine Sigle

            CEA – Melinda Daily and Denise Sullivan


            DSA – Susan Latta and Patricia Gerhardt

            CEA – Diane Burnett and Deanna Turner


            DSA – Diann Gerstner and Christine McPheter

            CEA – Mary Sullivan


            DSA – Barbara Ames and Robin Eubank

            CEA – none


            DSA – Denise Dias and Kathryn Tharman

            CEA – Nancy Honig and Cynthia Williams


            DSA – Ethel Schneweiss

            CEA – Crystal Bashford and Donna Krug