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Agent Associations


Award Winning Tips

  • Label EVERYTHING! Be sure to put your full name and state on each support piece and application page that is entered.
  • Make it Secure! Items can easily fall out, securing your support pieces properly will ensure that your application will be judged with all pieces intact.
  • Tell YOUR story clearly! Don’t forget the 5 W’s—who, what, when where and WOW!
  • Look for telling details and vivid examples that will help you to tell your story.
  • Review, Review, Review! Have colleagues, a mentor or even the area English teacher look over your application for typos, spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Follow the guidelines! Read the criteria carefully, making sure you follow them exactly when it comes to font size, number of support pieces & documentation
  • Package your entry to WIN! Make your application package look good—no small print or poor quality photos.
  • Try, Try AGAIN! Don’t give up on applying, remember you are going against some of the best.
  • Submit on Time! Check your guidelines, give yourself and those assisting you time to complete award entries.
  • Pay attention to Details! The smallest item omitted could be the difference between 1st and 2nd place.

From Wendi Green, CEA-FCS, Cherokee County ,Texas
NEAFCS Awards Committee & Texas Affiliate State Treasurer