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Agent Associations




The name of the organization shall be the Kansas Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences hereinafter referred to as The Association.


The purpose of this Association shall be:

  • To promote professional growth and development by: providing for and recognizing leadership and achievement, awarding financial support for professional study, and exchanging effective educational methodologies.
  • To conduct programs that meet current social needs and concerns affecting families and communities.
  • To communicate present and potential contributions of Extension Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • To seek support for programs that benefit families/indiviuals and enhance the profession.


 Section 1 - Active Members

As of January 1, 1998, an Extension employee working in any capacity with family and consumer sciences programming, who has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, who belongs to his/her state association of Extension Educators, upon payment of dues, may become an active member of NEAFCS.

Section 2 - Life Members

Any former Extension employee who has been a member of the Association for at least 5 years will be granted life membership upon payment of a one-time fee to the Association. Life members will receive an invitation to the Friendship Event, a copy of the KEAFCS Annual Report to the membership, notice of the annual professional improvement workshop and annual business meeting, and a copy of the KEAFCS newsletter. The KEAFCS President may appoint life members to special task forces, committee or other special projects as deemed appropriate.

Life members are not eligible to hold office, serve on standing committees, vote or apply for awards. Life members are not eligible for KEAA membership.


Section 1 - The officers of this Association shall be President, President-Elect, Vice President for Public Affairs, Vice President for Professional Development, Vice President for Awards and Recognition, Vice President for Member Resources, Secretary, Treasurer, and four Area

Counselors, from the areas designated by the Cooperative Extension Service in Kansas. These officers and the immediate Past President (will be ex-officio) shall comprise the Executive Board.

Section 2 - The duties of the officers shall be such as are implied by their respective titles and are specified in the By-laws.

Section 3 - Officers shall be installed during business session at Annual Conference and officially assume their duties immediately.

Section 4 - All officers except President and President-Elect, shall be elected bi-annually and  shall serve two years. The President elect shall officially take office as President one year after election. The new President then serves a one-year term. Only a member who has served on the Executive Board shall be eligible for President-Elect. The Vice President positions are considered equal in importance. The office of Vice President does not require previous board experience.

Section 5 - A President-Elect, Vice President for Member Resources, Vice President for Public Affairs, and Treasurer shall be elected in even numbered years. A President-Elect, Vice President for Awards and Recognition, Secretary and Vice President for Professional Development shall be elected in the odd numbered years.

Section 6 - Each Area Counselor shall be elected by the Association members from the respective area and shall serve a two-year term. The four area counselors will be elected on a rotating basis. Northeast and Northwest will be elected in odd-numbered years, Southwest and Southeast will be elected in even-numbered years.


Section 1 - Place of Business - The principal place of business of the Association shall be Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.

Section 2 - Fiscal Year - The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on the first day of January and end on the last day of December of that year.

Section 3 - Meetings - There shall be two regular meetings of this Association each year. The Annual Meeting of the Association will be held during Annual Extension Conference. The second meeting date, time and place shall be determined by the executive board of the Association.


Amendments to the Constitution may be made at any meeting with a 2/3 majority of the membership present at the meeting. Notice and copy of proposed amendments shall have been sent to all members 10 days prior to the regular meeting.


RobertsRules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Association in all cases in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-laws of this Association.


The Association shall in no way be liable for the acts of individual members of the Association, nor for the officers or directors who may act beyond their authority as officers or counselors.

Officers and counselors shall not be liable for the Association, individually or collectively, unless they have acted beyond their authority as officers and counselors.



The Association shall be a non-profit association.


On the dissolution of the Association, the entire net assets remaining after the payment of any  and all liability and obligations of the Association shall be transferred to such association or associations organized exclusively for charitable, educational or scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt association or association under section 501 (c) (3), which is other than a foundation exempt under Section 509 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code of the 1954 (or the corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).


The official creed shall be that prescribed by the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and a copy of the same shall be furnished to each member initiated during the Friendship event.

Asan Extension educator my prime concern is people.

I believe it is my responsibility to give the best of my ability and develop myself to be an effective educator.

I accept the opportunity to empower individuals, families, and communities to meet their needs and goals through a learning partnership.

MayI always be willing to accept the challenges of the changing times.

(Revised February 11, 2014)