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Ag Environmental Health and Safety


Regulatory Updates

EPA promulgated changes to their Worker Protection Standard (WPS) in September 2015.  They summarized the changes in this fact sheet: 1992/2015 Revision Comparisons.  Currently, the EH&S Office is updating the worker and handler training program that includes online modules with knowledge check questions and a post test for each module.

Lab Safety Inspection Program

An enhanced lab safety inspection and train-the-trainer program is underway for the faculty, staff, and student worker.  To aid the PI, self-assessment tools are available to assist them in integrating lab safety inspections into their research activities.

EH&S Committees

The committee structure for the College includes the Executive EH&S Committee, the EH&S Working Group Subcommittee and the Departmental Safety Committees.

EH&S Design and Construction Guidelines

In support of the planning and design team, the EH&S Office is working to complete design and construction guidelines for newly proposed green field facilities for the College of Agriculture.

Workplace Organization and Competitive Survival

The Five Steps (5S) Guide is a systematic approach to organizing a workplace that can enhance an EH&S program's performance.

WPS Worker and Handler Training

Online Training is now available for Agricultural Workers and Pesticide Handlers.  Please contact the EH&S Office for more information.