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Board Leadership

Extension Board Leadership

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Board Leadership Modules Checklist

The following modules may be used by the entire board or as independent study by individuals. The board may use this list to plan which modules to use during the year.   

 __________________New Board Member OrientationPrior to taking office
 __________________Board Organizational MeetingJanuary
 __________________Annual Civil Rights TrainingFebruary
 __________________Agent Performance ReviewEarly in the year
 __________________Program Development Committee Orientation (PDC) *Early in the year
 __________________Kansas Open Meetings Act/Executive SessionEarly in the year
 __________________Recruiting Board and PDC MembersSummer
 __________________Reaching New Audiences *Anytime
 __________________Forming an Extension DistrictAnytime 
 __________________Program Development (Role of the Board)Anytime 
 __________________Risk ManagementAnytime 
 __________________New Agent Professional Development *Anytime
 __________________Professional Development for KSRE StaffAnytime
 __________________Generational Differences in the Workplace and CommunityAnytime

*Suggested for use with Program Development Committees