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Board Leadership

Extension Board Leadership

1612 Claflin Road
Room 119 Umberger Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas 66506

K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Notebook for Board Members


Below is a sample list of what might be included in a notebook provided to board members. Please adapt to fit local needs.

General Information (Index Tab)
Excellence in Board Leadership Assessment
Handbook for County Extension Councils and District Governing Bodies
Memorandum of Understanding
Members of the local Extension Council or Governing Body (KSU 8-4 and KSU 9-4)
Members of the State Extension Advisory Council

Policies (Index Tab)
Local office policies
Kansas Open Meeting Act Policy
Professional Scheduling Policy
Please print additional policies needed. Go to Employee Resources>Policies

Monthly (Index Tabs)
Monthly tabs behind which to place the agenda, minutes, agent reports
Separate tabs for agenda and minutes, agent reports, etc

Financial Information (Index Tab)
Current year’s budget
Previous year’s budget and actual expenses
Financial statements for each month
Use of Cooperative Extension Funds
Checklist on insurance coverage for extension councils
Equipment Inventory (KSU 8-10); (KSU 8-10.xls); (KSU 9-10); (KSU 9-10.xls)

Agents, Office Professionals and Program Assistants (Index Tabs)
Job descriptions
Action Plans
Sample Performance Review Documents:

Effective Meetings (Index Tab)
Extension Board Member Position Description
Responsibilities and Duties of the Extension Board
Duties of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Extension Board
Duties of the Secretary of the Extension Board
Duties of the Treasurer of the Extension Board
Sample Extension Board Meeting Agenda
Template for Extension Board Meeting Minutes
Suggested Calendar for Routine Board Meeting Agenda Topics


September 2018