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Board Leadership

Extension Board Leadership

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K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


The local extension board and Kansas State University, represented by the area extension director, jointly employ extension agents.

The local extension board, in consultation with the area director, employs office professionals, program assistants, and other part-time staff.  The local extension director is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of office professionals and program assistants.

Volunteers are also part of the staff of the local extension program and are responsible to the local extension board.

Following are some resources to support local boards in their personnel responsibilities.


Employment of Extension Agents

Job Descriptions:

County Extension Director (three or fewer agents)

Local Unit Extension Director with Agent Supervision (Counties with four or more agents and all districts)

Extension Agent Job Description

Specialized Agent Programming Responsibilities 

New Agent Professional Development Overview

New Agent Professional Development Module

Core Competencies

Program Focus Teams


Extension Agent Performance Review

Extension Agent Performance Review: External Feedback

Performance Review Module

Employee Due Process

K-State Research and Extension - A Federal, State, and Local Partnership

Extension Professional Associations

Professional Scheduling Policy


Employment of Office Professionals and Program Assistants

Office Professional - Steps in Hiring

Program Assistant - Steps in Hiring

The Extension Program Assistant:  Policy, Roles, and Responsibilities

Approval to Hire an Extension Program Assistant

Office Professional Position Description

4-H Program Assistant Position Description


For additional information, see the Personnel Chapter in the Local Unit Director Resources


Employment of Volunteers


4-H Volunteer Profile