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Board Leadership

Extension Board Leadership

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Room 119 Umberger Hall
Kansas State University
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K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Resources for Board Members

Duties of the Board and Officers:

Memorandum of Understanding
Excellence in Board Leadership Assessment
Extension Board Member Position Description
Responsibilities and Duties of the Extension Board
Duties of the Chair and Vice Chair
Duties of the Secretary
Duties of the Treasurer

Tools for Effective Meetings:

Sample Board Member Agenda
Template for Extension Board Meeting Minutes
Suggested Calendar for Routine Board Meeting Agenda Topics
Board Excellence Newsletter for Board Members
Board Leadership Modules
Frequency of Extension Board Meetings and Board Quorums
Suggested Agent Board Report
Parliamentary Procedure for Non-Parliamentarians


Local Unit Agent Expectations
K-State Research and Extension Agent Hiring Policy
Extension Agent Hiring Guide for Local Unit Board Members
Interview Guide: Tips for Success
Unlawful and Inappropriate Interview Questions
Ethics and Confidentiality Commitment Pledge
Professional Scheduling Policy


Use of Cooperative Extension Funds
Local Extension Unit Finances
Audit Requirements for Local Extension Units
Responsibilities for Extension Local Unit Administration of Extramural Funds Form
Principles of Managing Funds for Extension Affiliated Groups
Financial Review Committee Responsibilities KSU 4-1


Serving as a Member of a PDC
KSRE Extension Programming Chart


Working with Elected Officials

Legal Responsibilities:

Kansas Open Meeting Act - Guidelines for Extension Boards (04/2023)
Kansas Open Records Act (04/2023)
Employee Due Process


Handbook for County Extension Councils and District Governing Bodies
The County Extension Council Annual Meeting
Serving as a Member of a Program Development Committee
K-State Research and Extension - A Federal, State, and Local Partnership